160 nations requires the UK giving evidence service down poison Russian spies

About 160 nations not in the Western block asked him to produce evidence to accuse Russia behind poisoned former spy Skripal.

A spokesman for the Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom on 27 March with the Sputnik news agency said that, although some Western countries agree the Russian allegations He poisoned the former military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal by poison on military level 4 March but also many other countries are not convinced by the words women’s impulsive British Prime Minister Theresa May.

British authorities examined crime scene to poison him on 4 March Skripal. Photo: AFP
British authorities examined crime scene to poison him on 4 March Skripal. Photo: AFP

“We’ve noted the statement by Ms. May. However, even if she May say she’s completely sure Russia responsible in service poisoned in Salisbury, she need to give any evidence for the Russian side, for the international community and for the people. This is also the opinion of nearly 160 countries not within blocks of the Western countries, “the spokeswoman said.

on March 26, followed British, United States, 18 countries of the European Union (EU), Canada and Australia had reported expelled a large amount of Russian diplomatic staff. Separately the US has deported to 60 Russian diplomats, including the Russian Embassy staff members in 12 of the United Nations.

This became service deported Russian diplomatic staff, the largest in history. Russia has condemned the wave of this expulsion is extremely unfriendly move and has no basis. However, there are still some Western Nations refused to stand on London until the evidence the case was exposed. Both Austria and Switzerland emphasize their neutral stance and refused to continue. In addition, other countries such as Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta and Luxembourg also do not share this wave.

Recently, the President of the Czech Republic-Mr. Milos Zeman also said to want to know the truth, asked him to provide evidence to prove Russia involved service poisoned in Salisbury.

Meanwhile, Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko in England held a press conference with the participation of the foreign ambassadors on March 27. At the meeting, Mr. Yakovenko insisted Russia completely ready to cooperate with British investigators.

“To date, London continued to refuse cooperation is not acceptable”-Mr. Yakovenko stressed in a statement after the briefing. Moscow repeatedly asked him to provide samples of the poison that his father supposedly Skripal was hit on 4-3 song all requests were refused.

According to the Russian Embassy, representatives of the countries present at the meeting with Mr Yakovenko said that they still fog information about service to poison him when He is not delivering Skripal evidence.

“The questions and claims of the participants in the press conference has confirmed one thing the British did not give their international partners any facts relating to the incident that occurred in Salisbury”-press emphasising , adding that the behaviour of the UK not only cause trouble for the diplomatic corps but also the international community.

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