4 disease limited eat eggs

Eggs contain many nutrients that are beneficial to health, but in some specific cases, be careful with this type of food.

Cardiovascular disease

In the new study by scientists at the University of Western (Canada), eat more than 3 eggs per week can cause the plaque in the arteries thicken. This plaque reduces the space inside the artery, causing difficulties for the process of blood circulation, forcing the heart to pump harder. Consequently increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

In addition, if the this plaque breaks off, then will form the clots block the flow of blood, which can cause a stroke or heart attack. Moreover, the egg contains a large amount of cholesterol so it is not good for those who suffer from atherosclerosis and coronary disease because it’s narrow and clog coronary arteries.

4 disease limited eat eggsGallstones disease

The egg has a very high protein content. After eating, the amount of this protein will remain a long time in the gallbladder and stimulate contraction function of gallbladder cause patients to feel very tired. Also, if there is a high protein food, the intestines will secrete substances do contractions of the gallbladder causing gallbladder which was tired again overload, from which form the symptoms like pain and vomiting. Sometimes, the pebbles according to the rhythm of contraction of the gallbladder migrate to stem gall, clogging the entrance of the gallbladder, causing stagnant room suite, leading to bouts of angina and as inflammation of the gallbladder.


Many people think that the diarrhea makes the body lose a lot of water and nutrients, so need to eat more eggs to supplements. But in fact, when diarrhea, digestive will secrete digestive enzymes and less well off. As a result, the absorption of fat, protein, sugar is often confused. If additional chicken eggs (rich in protein and FAT) do not lose nutritional effects, but also make the condition worse.

Therefore, during the carry, best not to eat chicken eggs.

Fever disease

Key components of proteins are eggs, mostly groups of simple proteins. Furthermore, this protein has always existed in a State of dissolution, so the body can absorb easily. However, it will create a very high amount of heat.

Therefore, eating eggs when a fever will make body temperature rises rapidly, the fever will become serious and very difficult to lower fever.

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