400 Dollars for lives of a people in the fight against drugs in the Philippines

A Philippine police officer revealed he and his colleagues received hundreds of Dollars when the suspects killed in the fight against drugs with the proof of the full scene.

“The Philippine police force has caused this. It is the killing of people should be removed, “Reuters quoted a former intelligence personnel in Manila, Philippines.

About 9,000 people were killed in the fight against drugs since he bloody Duterte took office in late June last year. Police confirmed a squid they only kill 1/3 some of them to defend themselves when being attack suspects. Many human rights activists believe the rest are victims of these mercenaries are supporting Government or police in disguise.

Turn off the lights to kill people

Former intelligence officer says on giving a 26-page report entitled “the State supports the type of forest law in the Philippines murder”, outlines the flaws in his controversial campaign Duterte.

Philippine Police admit they killed about 2,600 people within the past 9 months because of this victim looking gun and attack the force function when arrested. However, the report denies the information on and confirmed the murders of this type are always carefully prepared in advance.

The spectacle is often seen on the poor neighborhood in Manila in the past several months. Photo: Getty.
The spectacle is often seen on the poor neighborhood in Manila in the past several months. Photo: Getty.

After sifting the suspect from a list provided by colleagues, the police will begin the task of “purge”. Electric lights and security cameras in the area were shut down during the “operation”.

“The police did not approach and exploration of objects, because they all know each other and no one’s going to sell drugs to the police at all,” the police officer said. He said that after the murder, they put the guns and the drugs package on edges of bodies of victims to build the scene.

“We have to give evidence to the killings of this type because of being asked to do so. We also have to protect yourself “, it added.

Bonus pay

Report on disclosure of police received 400 Dollars when killing a suspect drug use or 200 Us dollars for “object to cause trouble” such as rape criminals, pickpockets, black social, alcoholism, phishing … The bonus level is divided in several levels with maximum amounts of up to 100,000 dollars.

Police kill not just because of the prize money, but also because of the fear of not completing the mission and paralyzed on the suspected area. Some officials have been killed for not cooperating in his bloody campaign Duterte.

However, the positive aspects of this campaign are the many people admitted to the police about the individual traders, using drugs to avoid being killed.

The sad thing is that the police only targeted the audience small retail drug use, there is no economic conditions. Meanwhile, the wholesale dealer was for the heaths remain outlawed.

“Only the poor are dead”, the anonymous police officer stressed.

Besides, members of the civil organization called suicide squad Davao killed hundreds of people in the President’s hometown Duterte. The report clearly states that these people have to support anti-drug police force.

Last month, former police Arturo Lascanas each confirmed during more than a decade, he was charged to 100 U.s. dollars for each purged of crime, in which the suspects using and trafficking drugs. In the early 2000s, this number up to 200 Us dollars. He does not keep any written evidence about the bonuses.

Duterte has yet to President about this information. The bloody bodies on the street in the capital Manila or tears the pain of the mothers will always be scars that the war against drugs to many minds left in the Philippines.

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