About 50 million smart phones Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 + will be sold in the year 2017

Samsung expects to sell 50 million Galaxy S8 / S8 + this year, in which the larger version, S8 +, will make up 53.9% of sales.

When Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy and S8 / S8 + are in the first week of opening the sale, an analyst from securities firms Yuanta Securities predicts there will be about 50.4 million machines were sold worldwide this year.

Analyst Lee Jae-yoon, shared with the guests in a notice yesterday (April 24) that, he noticed the large screen  Samsung Galaxy S8 + will constitute the majority of the product sales by 2017.

As predicted, the Galaxy S8 + reached 27.1 million sales, accounted for 53.9% of the Galaxy’s 23.3 million S8 still air. Smartphone is no longer merely a communications equipment but also as tools for users to watch movies, play games, interactive virtual reality … so the big screen needs are rising. Due to the more expensive price, Galaxy S8 + will contributed to the airline’s revenue.

According to statistics in the Vietnam market, currently has more than 13,000 orders for two Samsung S8 and S8 + products Super, higher than all the high end model sold out earlier (e.g. Galaxy Note 7 genuine sold in Vietnam market just over 12,600).

Galaxy S8 + 6.2-inch screen equipped and 3,500 mAh battery while the S8 has the same configuration but using 5.8 inch screen and 3,000 mAh battery.

S8 is the new benchmark with Infinity screen. High definition camera. Your privacy is also the IRIS and powerful configuration. In addition, comes it’s diverse eco-systems, smart.

This week, Samsung also said the amount new product duo order reached the highest level in the company’s history, exceeding 30% compared with the amount put Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in 2016.

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