After September 11 terrorist: America “avoid melon shell meet coconut shell”

Stories brutal Islamist ISIS movements completely is not the random development of history.

After a series of terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 (when the al-Qaeda elements using 4 airliners crashing into the symbols of America and killing 3000 innocent people), America attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, to overthrow the staggering Taliban regime and Saddam Hussein’s regime. But soon after this powers struggled for years in the region of Central Asia and the Middle East. And now back to “grow” more terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) is also more dangerous to both al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Each statement launching the “crusade” against terrorism in General and al-Qaeda in particular, the United States seemed to be moved back to the starting line.

Remember back in 2003, the us has vin excuse of weapons of mass destruction and links with the international terrorist organization al-Qaida to the invasion of Iraq. Meanwhile, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein a squid deny both of this, but the us has intelligence information to disguise do to. After the overthrow of Saddam’s regime is finished, the water front of Iraq, they still did not find the evidence for both famous excuse.

The America did on war in both countries, although al-Qaeda suffered more extensive damage. Private Iraq from the relatively peaceful spot become terrorist havens with brutal suicide bombings or is aimed at American and Iraqi Government forces or is to mutual payment between Iraqi sects.

The forth one must put the question about the success of the United States in the war against terrorism.

Not to mention, what they do in Iraq seems totally counterproductive. “The self-proclaimed Islamic State” (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria recently emerged in 2014 as the bitter fruit of American policy in the Middle East.

“Islamic State” claiming

This tumor grows up following the intervention of the United States of America and is spreading quickly in Iraq and Syria.

The media and international observers noted ISIS more stronger al-Qaeda. The American leaders, including US Defense Minister, also acknowledged the ISIS “level” and far more dangerous al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations.

ISIS pass up on terrorist groups (including al-Qaeda) when advocates occupy the territory. ISIS has more of a formal military command focused systems and unified communications system, strong, sophisticated structure, high discipline and the combative (other than U.S. built Iraqi army usually have problems of corruption and fighting skills).

The army of the Islamic State (ISIS)
The army of the Islamic State (ISIS)

Financial resources for ISIS back abundantly from the sale of oil, kidnapping, donations of the faithful (including people in the wealthy Gulf countries), from Muslim groups were weaker than the conquest (that these groups receive money and weapons from countries like to topple Syrian President Assad). Call to establish caliphate had great magic for many Muslims, attracted many recruits and funding support. In extent, can see ISIS as a self-sufficient economic system, with the “departments”, Court, tax system … private.

Radical Islam ISIS proved good with “PR” and use social networks for propaganda purposes. “Incumbent” Chief Baghdadi of ISIS is also quite young (born in 1971) and numerous sources confirmed, his owned by Dr.

Not so, many European and American circumstance “fans” of this organization and volunteer to join holy war for ISIS, which made the West felt very unsafe.

ISIS creates threat not only in Iraq and Syria that all around the world. We aim to become the “State” of all Muslims worldwide.

ISIS medium medium strong spooky and reactionary. The Islamic countries in the main stand and the populous as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Indonesia also turned against the movement under Islam. In the Muslim community many people have regarded ISIS as Africa Islam. Also America is miserable search enough and the Alliance to deal with ISIS.

Looking back at history, Islam which carries the strong personality of the ethnic Arab nomads ham battle. In the past there have been religious wars between two factions in Christianity and Islam.

However, in fact, not only has Islam alone but also appears that Islam or Islamic politics. Islamic socialism is the way to explain the traditional tough and features about the tenets of Islam. It advocated Islam must enter the world, and to build political institutions for this religion. Private Islamic extremist nationalism also interprets the Qur’an towards distortion.

Ideology of ISIS currently is that Muslims in the most extreme form (to the al-Qaeda terror group that fear of ISIS).

Practicality also indicate movement ISIS not entirely be due to endogenous factors of radical Islam and Islamic terrorism.

ISIS will surely difficult birth and dread as past work without the intervention and maintenance from the West, especially America, both long term and short term.

Originally, before the development of Islamic influence and infiltration of the West against the Arab and Islamic world in the 18th century-19. The early 20th century, the Ottoman Empire of the Muslims in the West contributed to disintegrate, causing the Islamic extremist elements add hậm hực. After World War 2, the us began a strong involvement in Middle East-an involvement that lasted into the 21st century and has met harsh reaction in Muslim communities in the area.

Movement history ISIS reflects very clearly the impact of intervention and the notion of the first “double” in the 21st century.

ISIS originate from al-Qaeda’s branch in Iraq-was established in 2004 after the us invasion of Iraq in 2003. By 2006, this organization developed into the so-called Islamic State of Iraq. To 2010 Baghdadi became leader of ISIS. Under Baghdadi, to 2013, ISIS expands to Syria are steeped in civil war. To June 2014, ISIS proclaimed “Islamic State” as a caliphate across the territory of Iraq and Syria, have regional development across the Levant and all countries have many Muslims.

The ranks of ISIS consists of a number of former generals under the regime of President Saddam Hussein (was ousted America in 2003).

So the development of ISIS is associated with the process of America’s intervention in Iraq and Syria.

The US-British Coalition invading Iraq, overthrow the Government of President Saddam

The world is clear about the lesson to create pretext to declare war when the United States invaded Iraq in 2003. But the overthrow of the Baath Party of Saddam by his success and set up the Government of America here, they created a dangerous vacuum for battle carnage sects along with the thought of local discontent about the excuse pirate of the Americans.

Previously, in the 1980s (along with Arab countries series, as the allies of the United States of America in the area) was very excitedly supported Saddam Hussein regime because he dared to launch war against Iran-a nation of majority Shiite people (accounting for about 90% of the population) and has just undergone the democratic nationalist revolution and the Islamic Scriptures action. The Iraqi Government just want to do secular hegemony in the Middle East at that time, just afraid of the Islamic revolution in Iran would spread to their countries also have Shiite people.

When that America and its allies see the area Iraq is dealing with “risk of Iran” to support (even us intelligence also provided intelligence information and weapons for the Iraqi army).

Keep dangerous gamble

Until the American confrontation with Iraq in the 1991 Gulf war, the United States continues to maintain the Iraqi post do with respect to the Islamic Republic of Iran. After losing the war, Iraq was weakened in all aspects and the outbreak of the uprising on the entire territory of Iraq shaking Saddam’s regime. But America still ignoring, not what help for the uprising which (unlike in 2003 when the us has Saddam he was sick). And thanks to that President Saddam was repression rebel movement, maintaining his power.

When the civil war broke out in Syria, reappears armed faction in opposition to the Government of President Assad. America’s dangerous gamble and some Middle Eastern countries reluctant Assad back to the start. They armed factions nutritional content (both secular and Islamic) against Mr Assad. And political turmoil in Syria facilitates the movement of ISIS-which Iraq-develop cross the border to Syria and “capital” in Raqqa in northern Syria.

Funny thing is the money and weapons that U.S, the West and Arab aid to the Syrian opposition was much less mild fall directly or indirectly into the hands of ISIS, making this Organization more powerful more.

Due to her for Vice President Assad so far, the United States and allies can not associated with Mr. Assad to extinguish the threat of ISIS. Until now, when boiling water burn fire, America is still not subject to permission oanh to attack Syrian positions of ISIS in Syria. Of the current us approach in Syria is still supported the centrist opposition to deal with ISIS. America afraid make. Assad his faction

In contrast, the Assad Government clearly see “trade” of the United States of America should have similar design triumphs. Due to the immediate situation, they focus only kill the opposing team America. Second, there are many signs that in the initial stage, they actively ignoring with ISIS, ISIS to “biting” the remaining opposition forces (ISIS hostility both Assad and his residual opposition). At the same time that Syria also wanted to open the eyes of the West, made them see clearly who is the cause. And obvious to Westerners, if had to pick one, the Assad regime more pleasant ISIS a lot.

Radical groups like ISIS set out special situations of danger for Assad’s regime. In June 2014, ISIS claims on the State through the territory of squeezed Caliphate both Syria and Iraq, with the capital in the city of Raqqa in Syria. Dr. ISIS troops rushing, massacred both the Syrian army and people. Meanwhile, the moderate opposition to Syria called U.s. raids on the positions of ISIS on the Syrian land, despite the opinion of President Assad.

Before this situation, Syria reacted strongly with a series of intense air raids on the premises of ISIS in Syria. This has just blocked the advance of the rebels ISIS has just sent a message to the US: Syria very cooperation against terrorism and the United States should not intervene unilaterally on the Syrian situation. Officially, Syria also has voiced will efforts against ISIS.

In summary, the “pandemic” ISIS now first of all was the boomerang was created by U.S. policy toward Iraq and Syria, are against the American administration and the West. They try to reveal yet technical loopholes.

To fight ISIS effectively, from the perspective of American foreign policy, one important thing is they should brave folded to the side of the problems and short-term vision to be able to cooperate effectively with both rivals Syria and Iran.

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