Aleppo was freed from terrorists: Syria ended the civil war?

On December 13, 2016, the Syrian army liberation of Aleppo, northern Syria after dislodged rebels from the last stronghold in the East of the city. Many experts noted, winning in Aleppo, the Syrian Government almost won on all Syria.

So why Aleppo such important for the civil war in Syria?

The meaning of icons

Aleppo is the largest city, the largest economic center of Syria. As such, it has a very important symbolic significance for Syria.

In 2012, as soon as the protests turned into armed revolt, Aleppo has crashed into the hands of insurgents. This is a strong Christmas blow on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s political, military and economic.

The loss of Aleppo, the Syrian army morale, losing constantly, making the situation worsened. Now, Aleppo is released will encourage large Syrian Government force in the confrontation with the rebels over Syria.
The Syrian army soldiers in Aleppo

The reinforcements

It is located in the North, it borders border with Turkey for about 50 km. Therefore, freed was Aleppo, the Syrian Government will win full control of the highways leading into key Institute or through the city. Rebel forces would be cut the entire contact, sources of finance, arms … from the Turkish border. Decreasing military power seriously. Therefore, to grasp the route will be a very important advantage.

For example, in February 2016, after the captured Azaz, the road corridor crucial reinforcements from the town of Kilis in Turkey on the grounds of insurgents in Aleppo, the Syrian Government forces have easily attacked in many positions of the rebels on the lifeblood into the East of Aleppo-the place to be for the “head” of the rebels.
Aleppo was freed from terrorists: Syria ended the civil war?
Home to most of the factions in the civil war

According to a map of the war before the liberation of Aleppo, Syrian Government forces control the West of Aleppo, the rebels control the eastern part of the city-location equipment fell right from when the civil war broke out in Syria.

There are also Kurdish militia forces, Islamic State organization claiming (ISIS) to control a number of places in and around Aleppo. So, Aleppo was also considered the microcosm of the civil war, Syria, a complicated conflict with so many parties involved.

According to the BBC, more than 20 rebel groups have arrived in Aleppo. The largest and most powerful group is Jaish al-Fatah Coalition (formerly called Jabhat Al Nusra). Jaish al-Fatah has changed the name to separated with the al-Qaeda organization and strengthen alliances with other militant groups, to avoid becoming the target of raids by Russia and the United States.

According to military experts, the Jaish al-Fatah coalition has about 30,000 to 40,000 words, good training, which has 10,000 troops to hold out in Aleppo.

Help the Syrian Government gained Aleppo, Russia has achieved major targets in Syria. There is help for the Government of Mr. Assad survives in strategy games, win the advantage in any peace settlement in the future.

“Springboard” to destroy terrorism ISIS

Russia and Syria are clearly define, Aleppo is the strategic position of forced control and seized if do not want to lose. As for the Syrian Government, regained Aleppo means can ensure safety to both the East Coast stronghold of forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, Alawite ethnic community. Besides, from Aleppo, the Syrian army will be very advantageous to open the attack on the Raqqa-nest of ISIS in Syria.

Regained Aleppo, the Syrian Government has controlled a total of 5 major cities include Homs, Hama, Damascus, Latakia. Liberation of Aleppo is the first step to advance to encircle the rebels in Idlib. This is also the demonstration to liberate the whole of Syria.

From there, the Syrian Government no longer threatened both political and military, they can attack insurgents and ISIS in other regions.

The importance of the Aleppo can be summarized in the commentary of the Syrian political analyst Taleb Zaifa. June, 2016, Russia’s Izvestia newspaper has quoted Mr Taleb Zaifa said that: “If the Syrian army liberation of Aleppo then they will proceed to Raqqa. This is why, at this point, the terrorist forces (ISIS) are working hard to prepare for the upcoming war. Moreover, the liberation of Aleppo will pave the way for the settlement of peace and dialogue between the forces that want to have peace in Syria “.

He stressed: “Aleppo is the last stronghold. It will turn the tide of this civil war. The decision of war will be regained Aleppo “.

Now, people who win the war resolution, the Syrian Government, which almost hand opportunity global victory in Syria.

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