America attack North Korean is commit suicide

On 12 April, the President of North Korea Kim Jong-un statement ready nuclear attack against America if Washington signs invade Pyongyang.

Earlier, North Korea insisted “war” after the US group thing due to the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in the lead, leaving Singapore on 8 April and advanced on the waters near the Korean peninsula.

Review about the possibility of conflict between United States and North Korea, major general Le Van Cuong, former Minister of public security Ministry strategy for that, there are many reasons why America must weigh and Washington would “commit suicide” If Pyongyang attacks.

– American tensions — North Korea is showing signs of increased when both parties are confirmed ready for the possibility of conflict, according to him, this thing could happen?

More specific, the cause of America brought the ships to the peninsula, North Korea is due in Pyongyang had continuous dynamics, nuclear missile test.

When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met American President Donald Trump on 12 February, North Korea fired a series of missiles which are more falling fruit exclusive economic zone of Japan.

Before the Chinese President XI Jinping meets President of Trump, North Korea also held missile firing on 5 April. Therefore, Mr. Donald Trump thing a variety of ships, including the aircraft carrier to the area of the Korean peninsula.

This aroused concern in the international community about the possibility of conflict at sea or in the air between the U.S. and North Korea.

It is thought that can not know President Donald Trump – with the decision to always surprise — will ‘ how ‘ dose in this issue …

Have to say, the “Hawks” in American politics waiting.

In March, during a meeting with South Korean peers, Rex Tillerson insisted us Secretary, strategic patience policy the Government of President Obama has ended and warned of military conflict scenario if Pyongyang upgrade threat from development activities of their weapons.

Day 2 rhangs 4, U.s. Secretary of State said “every option with North Korea has been put on the table”, that does not exclude the possibility of hitting the first Government, such as the attack on Syria in the past 6/4.

Also on 2 April, Mr Donald Trump answer Financial Times of England with the content: “China has great influence to North Korea and China should decide to help Us deal with North Korea or not. If there is, it very well. If not, the party would benefit “.

With such claims of U.s. officials and President Donald Trump with the group reached the Korean peninsula made many people concerned about the potential conflict.

However, in my opinion, this concern would not happen. Mr. Donald Trump’s business, but now, can say if people give him 10 billion dollars to the North Korean attack, then it’s still not happening.


North Korea is not Iraq in 2003, North Korea nor Syria today. Can say, North Korea has the military power behind the Group America, Russia, China.

Meanwhile, in South Korea have 28,000 American troops in Japan, this number is more than 40,000, and North Korea owns more than 200 missiles have the range to anywhere on the territory of South Korea or Japan.

Not to mention, if the hot heads in the White House and the Pentagon “green light” for the conflict, forcing the Government of Pyongyang at the foot of the wall he was Kim Jong-un can fully use nuclear weapons.

If that happens, the death toll would be tens of millions, not just a few hundred thousand or a million.

So, experts at the Pentagon and the White House will have to consider, not to “play with fire”.

North Korea is completely different from Syria, meanwhile, America attacked Syria still have to watch the reaction of Russia, reservations or even exceeding half of the rocket launch does not hit the target.

So the US Administration needs to calm down, not act as ephemera because North Korean attack is suicide.

In addition to potential in the country, North Korea’s relations with China also other Syria with Russia. Mr. Trump is not yet well understood are the problems of international relations and the need to research about China, Russia to make decisions.

-What about the Chinese brought 150,000 troops to the North Korean border when tensions Pyongyang — Washington signs of escalation?

This is the action to follow China’s permission, the main purpose is to prevent the influx of North Korean refugees spilling across the border in the event of a conflict.

Meanwhile, there will be no “Appeal Court Salon”, China will adopt the policy officer. Tiger paint coordinates Beijing will never jump into this dangerous gamble.

-Say so, then it means that Beijing was preparing for the scenario of conflict of America — North Korea?

Can say it’s a move that demonstrates the foresight of China even though Beijing may still get Washington not attack Pyongyang.

Besides, active troops to the borders of North Korea, in addition to preparing for a bad script also carries many of the Chinese.

This can be viewed as a signal of his subterranean Jinping with Mr. Trump that is not conflict with North Korea. In addition, this is also a signal to Mr. Kim Jong-un that not exceeding red.

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