America attacked Syria: the strange and unusual attack of the United States of America

An attack that winning is not important then approach comments for world diplomacy…..

That was the last American President Donald Trump has also decided to give the order to attack with missiles to Syria … on April 14 at the time of the Moscow 03:42.

Usually, when opening a military campaign, the highest goal is win or hit the rival attack, destroy as many enemy forces as possible birth …

However, in general the military perspective, this attack by America, Britain, France happened seems like … victory, break the opponent … is not the preferred approach.

Also, in the tactical perspective, it seems, this is an “attack” that is not in the curriculum are taught general military for commanding officers-staff world!?

America attacked Syria: the strange and unusual attack of the United States of America

There are 2 “strange action” before the attack that we raised here:

1, United States of America to notify Russia-Syria where the missile Tomahawk launch. At the top is 22 goals, later reduced to 8 targets.

So please ask, guidelines to take the victory in the strike was unexpected, the secret to the enemy not up, suffered damage, causing embarrassment, broke … where in American military thinking, the UK, France?

2, more than 100 cruise missiles and air-to-air missiles was the air force of the United States, Britain and France launched in Syria and not more than one hour, the attacks end to … wait for the reaction of Damascus.

Probably out in Syria, the United States must attack continuously, wide-eyed, focused, strong firepower to dissolve the will, cause heavy losses for Assad forcing him can’t stand, surrender or claiming something as requirements of the United States of America , that: “Assad and other officials under the authority should not conduct any a massacre using chemical weapons, is declared abandoned…”.

However, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs, Gen. Joseph Dunford, said “Washington stops attack to wait the positive reactions from Damascus.”

Mr. Joseph Dunford has confirmed limited missile attack today against Syria.

The attack is called “shoot once”-in order to prevent the Syrian Government began the chemical weapons attack-with three targets were hit. (1) a scientific research facility in the suburbs of Damascus; (2) the storage facility in the West of Homs, where Mr Dunford said the United States believed that the precursor chemicals and sarin are kept; and (3) alleged chemical repository and “key commander” also in the outskirts of Damascus.

In addition, both he and Mattis are Dunford said that “great efforts” were being made to avoid hitting on the military’s “foreign” (i.e. Russia and Iran).

The parties are taking place? Does anyone understand more than Americans in Syria to do … nothing is there chemical weapons that missiles targeted on?

Fight this force as Assad it moves off the battlefield to the other place and it turned out Fine attack Syria as “throwing stones into the pond water hyacinth” as “duck head” pour water? Can not understand it.

When American Tomahawk missiles, the UK, France and piling up into the sky on the outskirts of Damascus, then an ideal night light still, Damascus cars still mild surf location of exploding way Tomahawk not far … weird, weird.

It is clear that the cause of this strange it, definitely not due to the “injured person, think to Assad” of America instead of “animal” is “Assad Assad must go” that America has launched with the hate.

So what’s the cause? Can be 2 main causes:

1, the United States, Britain, France has got to know the “occupying Russian security in Syria” that if the pass is Russia will respond …

2, the Russians had prepared for the worst scenario is war with NATO across Europe when Syria Russia will harshly, not some follicles with guys who would pass the “red line”.

3, USA, uk, France does not want the world to have a war again.

To understand the specific, please read “ended, America has attacked Syria or not?” posted on todaynews24h yesterday.

Is the track of the war but I am very difficult to comment on this American offensive that would probably apply for world diplomacy, because it is not in the military.

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