America has lost how many helicopters in the Vietnam war?

A type of weapons of war were the United States and the allies of America in the Vietnam war, unpopular though that the weapons are easy to be shot down. Can say Vietnam wars with America’s war of the highest technology in the history of mankind … the Americans have adopted the most advanced electronic technology into the Vietnam war … that now a lot of the technologies are still in use as the Iraq war, the war to Syria……

Vietnam war can be considered as the first war of the involvement of a large scale helicopter forces ranks for ever with tens. Image source: History.

Specifically, the U.S. military brought to the battlefield Vietnam a total of 7,013 helicopter types in which the most popular include the UH-1 h with the number up to 3,375. Photo Source: Boston.

The UH-1 h aircraft, this is the core of the American strategy in Vietnam, the most important is the helicopter strategy, using a helicopter to do professional media become soldiers to the battlefield. Source of photo: Pinterest.

A total of 3,375 UH-1 h was assigned to Vietnam to 1,285 aircraft was shot down, the UH-1 h pilot has to 457 killed, besides there are 487 others killed when being transported on the helicopters of this type. Photo Source: Gettyimg.

Destroyed at least in the Vietnam war as the UH-1 l, this is a test version was used in the Vietnam war and only two were taken to this, very fortunate that both aircraft were “back intact”. Photo Source: UK.

3 the HU-1 p battle in Vietnam were shot down during the fighting but had three crew members were killed at the controls of this helicopter, 1 passengers are moving on the plane also died. Photo Source: Daily.

After the UH-1 h aircraft, serving much of Monday on the battlefield Vietnam is the UH-1 d. A total of 1,926 UH-1 d was assigned to Vietnam, including to 1,028 were shot down, accounting for more than 50%. pilot killed 224 on the aircraft and the 247 passengers dying when being moved by this media type. Photo Source: Wiki.

In total, in the years from 1957 to 1975 there were about 10,005 Huey helicopters were produced, of which had to be taken to the aircraft in Vietnam and 7013 3305 the permanently left the battlefield. Photo Source: WW2.

Actually, the number of u.s. helicopters were shot down over Vietnam battlefield may still a lot higher than the reality is America announced by many of the helicopter was badly damaged, repair is not counted as “destroyed” that are only considered “damaged” and although these were “half life of scrap,” America is also not considered this as the helicopters “destroyed”. Photo Source: WW2.

During the Vietnam war, the U.S. helicopter has done 7,531,955 flying hours only from 1966 to 1975. Private type Huey Cobra attack helicopters (AH-1GS) has done to 1,038,969 hours, holds the record of the combat helicopter “dedication” at most u.s. military history until now still haven’t deposed. Photo Source: Boston.

Different types of fighters have a high ceiling, fast speed and thick armor, the helicopter is extremely media types easy to shoot down only by the common infantry weapon should this particular media type “fragile” on the Vietnam war. Photo Source: KKnews.

Specifically, any weapon of the infantry would also totally shot down u.s. helicopters, is driving a glass piercing, kill the pilot. When the American helicopters flying is as below ground to pour troops, even the guards could shoot down them with B-40, B-41, making the entire crew as well as the American soldiers on the plane at risk of “death beam”. Source of photo: Pinterest.

On this is only the statistics in the American army helicopter was shot down on the battlefields of Vietnam. The statistics of the number of helicopters of the army of South Vietnam was shot down is very difficult, but certainly one that is also a figure in no small way. Photo Source: Cherries.

The last u.s. helicopters and the army of South Vietnam was counted as “destroyed” the helicopter pushed down the East Coast during the “great” evacuation of the United States of America and the Government of South Vietnam on the last day of April, 1975. Photo Source: Navy.

To make room for other planes landed, people were forced to push a few helicopter down the East Coast. The helicopter million worth of destroyed one injuries in the “running the organized chaos”. Photo Source: PBS.

This is also one of the darkest and most humiliating of the U.S. military, the army is having the most power in the world. Photo Source: IMG.




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