American President Donald Trump and Jerusalem – added fuel to the flames very dangerous

The American President Donald Trump declared officially recognized points of sensitivity of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to the city, despite the warning of the regional national series , really is a “dangerous step” with the immeasurable consequences.

The move not only ruin the process of Middle East peace talks, but also the risk of outbreak of serious violence wave between the Palestinians and Israel, between the Jewish and Arab, put Middle East into a new period of chaos , threatening the security and stability of the region and the world.

The dangerous nature of the walk on clearly shown when the international community, from the global or regional organizations such as the UN, the Arab League (AL), the European Union (EU) to u.s. allies in Europe or the Middle East are all opposition in particular, most of the Arab and Muslim Nations expressed outrage before Washington’s decision.

The old city of Jerusalem panorama on 25 October.
The old city of Jerusalem panorama on 25 October.

Jerusalem, with Israeli-occupied eastern part of the war in 1967, long is still one of the most harrowing and littering of Middle East peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, by Palestinian people always want East Jerusale m is a part of the territory of a future State, while Israel considers the city as the “capital cannot be divided”.

Moreover, in East Jerusalem is still the old city of Jerusalem with the religious complex of Haram al-Sharif, one of the holiest places of Muslims, but Jews are also considered this most revered holy sites, where the Jewish temple is recorded in the Holy, and call this Mountain Temple.

Where is located the sensitive and symbolic meaning in terms of both religion and politics, the whole community of Judaism, Christianity and Islam considered sacred, all happenings related to Jerusalem has become the focus of the ethnic and religious tensions between Palestinians with Israelis, between the Jewish people and the Arab people.

As the Israeli construction of new settlements in East Jerusalem has always been considered a provocation, even instigate the clashes in 1990, 1996 between the Israelis and the Palestinians, especially the second Intifada uprising of the Palestinian people in 2000 against Israel.

Touch to Jerusalem is also the action to “pain” insidious, persistent was the beginning of a series of conflicts and violence in the Middle East, namely the Jews occupied the land of the Arab people. Israel took control of the western part of the city after the war with a military alliance of Arab countries in 1948, and the eastern part occupied since the Middle East war in 1967.

Therefore, since the year 1967, the UN Security Council issued a series of resolutions aimed at preventing any unilateral action in Jerusalem as well as the resolution of the issue of the regulation of this city to the negotiations between the parties concerned , as the resolution 242 in 1967 demanded Israel pull out of the areas occupied in 1967, including Jerusalem; Resolution 478 in 1980 rejected all decisions of Israel annexed Jerusalem and declared the city as the official capital; and 2334 resolution in 2016 does not recognize any change would involve Israel’s borders in 1967.

The sovereignty of Israel with regard to Jerusalem also has never been recognized by the international community, although most of the headquarters of Israeli bodies such as Parliament, the Presidential Palace, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of all departments in this city. That is why all Nations when foreign bodies in Israel also choose Tel Aviv.

Even the US, although the strategic ally of Israel, also based the Embassy in Tel Aviv, and though in 1995, the U.S. Congress passed the Act to request the transfer of the country’s Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem but all the President of America then include Bill Clinton, George w. Bush and Barack Obama just 6 months signed a decree postponing the move by not wanting to “poke sticks to prevent”, also by the United States of America is a party within the group “foursome” support for the process of Middle East peace talks.

On 6 December Declaration of President Trump apparently has reversed that policy in the near 40 years enforcement America for the Middle East peace process, particularly when Washington is holding the role of mediators in order to promote a comprehensive solution and long for the conflict between Palestine and Israel, on the basis of the two-State solution was proposed by the United Nations based on the borders before 1967, allow Palestinians the right to self-determination and to have an independent State and sovereignty , with its capital in East Jerusalem.

Moreover, the decision of the President of Trump also goes against a series of resolutions of the UN Security Council on the issue of Jerusalem and hinder the efforts to resume the process of Middle East peace talks, stalled for over 3 years. Public opinion this unilateral step fears will ruin the chances of peace in the Middle East, the escalating tension, making even more hateful and deeply cut a blazing wave of new violence between the Palestinians and Israel.

Less than two months ago, the Islamic Hamas movement and the Fatah party of Palestinian Authority has achieved political reconciliation agreement in Cairo under the auspices of Egypt, opens hope for building a Palestine solidarity, contribute important for relaunching the Middle East peace process. However, these efforts are dashed when the US President’s decision on Jerusalem has extinguished any hope on the two-State solution.

This is a serious provocation to the Arab and Muslim communities in the region as well as around the world, making the contradictions and religious minorities exacerbates, can lead to many negative reactions , the most recent security and stability in the area of risk.

The decision of the President of Trump also again shows the “unpredictable” the boss of the 45th White House. From when Islam came to power last January, President of Trump had series of decisions and actions were considered controversial and “previous next anyone for “, change the perspective and reverse many of the policies of the Government of the predecessor of both domestic and foreign.

The President’s move could Trump is aiming to improve relations with traditional ally Israel, which had deteriorated at the end of the term of his predecessor. However, Mr Trump has also been committed to in the campaign is to promote “a legitimate and lasting peace” between Israel and the Palestinians, and to declare any peace deal would have to be negotiated between the parties concerned , not imposed by outsiders.

Along with the threat of U.s. withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran’s history, the decision of Mr. Trump about Jerusalem are causing the image and the position of the United States of America in the Middle East were wobbly, by Washington are expressing themselves not as “partners for sure and reliable” in resolve regional hot spots.

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