American soldiers and Jordan soldiers entered Syrian territory

About 20 U.S. army tanks and Jordan troops entered Syrian territory from Jordan on the morning of 9 April 2017.

U.S. military forces and the Jordanian army has intruded into Syrian territory to rescue the rebel opposition forces terror ISIS enclosure in an area near the Iraqi-Syrian border, Al-Masdar page on April 9, the news said.
American soldiers and Jordan soldiers entered Syrian territory
According to Al-Masdar, previously, on 8 April, the terrorist forces of the Islamic State organization claiming (ISIS) conducted a surprise attack aimed at opposing rebel forces backed by the U.S. are present in the border area Tanf temporary aid to Border after organizing a car bomb attack aimed at the opposition’s stop in the border region.

The attack opened with the touch screen car bombing has a 3 blade Warrior killed opposition. The Eastern Tigers Organization (Osoud al-Sharqiyah) due to the US-backed terrorist was besieged, are calling for help from American coalition forces leader in Iraq.

Soon after, about 20 tanks and many armored vehicles of the US, Jordan entered Syrian territory on the morning of April 9, according to the local time to the siege of his allies on the other side of the territory. This action was the Syrian Government alleges is in violation of its sovereignty.

Al-Masdar quoted witnesses or, in addition to the infantry, armored, army of the United States of America has undertaken the service not to intervene in a limited way inside Syrian territory.

Fighters of the Jordanian Air Force also fought to relieve pressure on the besieged rebel opposition forces on the same line with guest terrorism coalition ISIS.

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