Apple iPhone 7 Plus exploded fire

After the incident an iPhone 7 exploded while shipping a few days ago, recently added a new product launch of Apple again experiencing similar.

Via BGR, image iPhone 7 Plus exploding shows, this is the model in black, monitors have even been sprung out of the frame, to expose the circuit board inside.

Some experts predict, it most likely is the problem related to batteries, possibly due to air too hot or being put in a pressure too high. Thankfully, this time Plus 7 iPhone just exploded, without causing the fire, and leaves no serious consequences.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus exploded fire
Apple iPhone 7 Plus exploded fire

IPhone case 7 Plus exploded above were recorded in China. At present, Apple representatives in countries not yet make any conclusions. Be aware, this is the second case iPhone 7 harm are published in newspapers.

Not long ago, a user named kroopthesnoop has posted to Reddit network download photos of his 7 iPhone exploded. In it, the fire screen, the frame must be even sprung up and broken body must be folded.

Not only Apple, Samsung also are experiencing the same situation, forced to revoke the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7. The Galaxy cause Note7 exploded was identified as having an error with the battery.

Earlier, Apple iPhone 7 was the first fire.

there was the event Apple iPhone 7 was the first fire.The problem is making the Samsung 7 Galaxy Note are headache, then suddenly Apple also recently encountered a similar situation in the iPhone product model 7 had just sold.

According to BGR, a user named “kroopthesnoop” just share up Forum Reddit iPhone picture 7 that you just bought has burnt black that it is unclear why.

Other than the model Galaxy Samsung 7 ‘s fire were the Note When it is charging, iPhone model 7 had just burnt in the story of “kroopthesnoop” you have just purchased iPhone 7 Black color from a retailer, and when just mail box cover, I discovered the burned completely black.

So can the iPhone 7 has encountered a problem on the carriage, or the battery on your problem also.

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