Apple iPhone 8 battery are swelling

Apple investigating iPhone cases 8 scratches, deformation in the past days. Last week, Apple has acknowledged some cases of iPhone battery 8 scratches, pushing the two-part body separated. Despite the heavy distortion, they don’t explode.

Soon after, Apple has put out a brief message: “we are aware of the problem and are focusing to resolve”.

The first cases were recorded in Taiwan. A woman said her swollen iPhone each section up after plugging charger. A few users in Japan also posted these pics iPhone 8 scratches, distorting the deformation to Twitter. Similar incidents also occurred in China, Canada and Greece.

Many users post to Twitter the iPhone 8 were bulging battery.

So far, only six cases were reported. That’s a pretty small number when compared with the millions of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was sold out. That is the error in the acceptable level and can occur with any airline would when produced in large numbers.

“Inflation is extremely rare phenomenon for a new battery. So is there a problem in production “, Sam Jaffe-CEO of Cairn Energy Research Center, also is an analyst in the battery industry, said with The Verge. According to this expert, the producers went to the limit of the Li-ion battery. If you want to “stuffed” battery capacity without increasing the size, the circuit đoản phenomenon occurred.

We cannot conclude anything about Apple’s battery Park. Jaffe said that it can only be the random error in a few products.

Jaffe suspects Apple executives are “out of the crisis” about the potential damage that the battery problems can cause. But he also said this will not turn turn bad as what happened to Note 7.

“Swollen always foreshadowed when battery start but this ratio is very rare. In the case of Galaxy Note, there may be several hundred broken pin but only some of them on fire, that’s what makes consumers for all battery failure are exploding, “Jaffe stated.

A number of Outlook for Apple’s iphone product has started to run out of time, not to bear new designs creation and especially Apple products too expensive in comparison with the true value of the iphone … not subject to renewal of the iPhone will be the other players through the phone in the coming time.

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