China declared war with India

Global newspaper the China Times called on India to be ready for the start of “total force” along the disputed border between the two countries.

China is not afraid of “war” with India and will be ready for the start of long, according to the editorial, posted on 17 July on global Forecast report. The newspaper said that China might have more response measures along the actual control (LAC).

“China does not recognise Indian land real control is in the Indian territory. The bilateral negotiations on the border are still taking place, but the bargaining atmosphere was poisoned in India “, editorials written. “If India is stirring up conflict at some point, the country must face the consequences of full-scale confrontation with China along the LAC”.

Chinese and Indian armies are confronted one last month at the border. Photo: AP.
Chinese and Indian armies are confronted one last month at the border. Photo: AP.

Around Green, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, on 18 July that Indian forces should leave the region to avoid “the situation escalated,” according to the AP. “we have said many times that we hope the Indian side will clearly understand the situation, immediately take measures to withdraw the soldiers had crossed the border illegally on the other side of the border, India” He said Record.

Beijing and New Delhi is experiencing more than a month of tense, in the context of both officials are talking about the possibility of a conflict even bloodier than the war in 1962 made thousands of people dead.

The dispute flared up feedback June, after China began construction of the road on the Doklam plateau. China accused the Indian army go through either side of the boundary line agreed to divide the region, Tibet, Western China to the Eastern State of Sikkim, India. China only recognized Sikkim belonged to India in 2003.

New Delhi alleges Beijing violated the security of India and neighboring Bhutan when expanding the infrastructure near the border. Both sides refused to give in and the dynamics of China’s recent military increase fears the situation could escalate.

Mr. Green spoke after China Central television station CCTV last week reported a trestle equipped army rocket launchers, heavy machine guns and mortars artillery exercises recently attacked by real bullets into a location of enemies in Tibet. Exercises also include tracking and targeting enemy aircraft.

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