China helps Russia connects the Mainland with the peninsula of Crimea

According to Sputnik, two of China’s private companies are building the runway in Simferopol in the Crimea peninsula.

This information by Mr. Sergey Aksenov headed the Crimean Republic declared before the media on the sidelines of the international economic forum in Yalta: “our Place are two private companies from China to conduct construction of the runways of the airport of Simferopol. But in the Republic does not yet have a presence in large scale of Chinese enterprises.

The airport in the Crimean peninsula.
The airport in the Crimean peninsula.

At the federal level are considering the contacts between China and Russia. A delegation of the Republic of Crimea are going to China. Yet the current mass penetration of Chinese business on Crưm but we are always happy to welcome and will help all “says Aksenov said.

It is known that shortly before Russia revealed this information, the Chinese companies are expressing interest in the road connection from the Russian Mainland to the Crimean peninsula but not the Kerch bridge is under construction which is a tunnel under the sea.

Economic Development Minister Crimea Andrey Melnikov said, investors from China are interested in the construction of a tunnel through the Kerch Strait to Crimea in parallel with the bridge of Kerch is being built.

China has reason to invest in Crimea, because they considered this a transfer point within the framework of the project Super “ring roads”.

The tunnel is expected to by private investors, after completion, this tunnel will be a charge. The Chinese side said they have advanced tunnelling industry, helping to significantly reduce construction costs, shorten the payback time.

Russia also expressed interest in this proposal, because although currently are building a large bridge for Russia and is one of the longest bridges in the world, but according to the forecast, the Kerch bridge has yet to meet the needs of travel between Russia’s mainland with the peninsula of Crimea, especially in the tourist season.

On the other hand, the traffic on the bridge was still being affected by the weather, especially when there are thunderstorms and ice season on the sea of Azov.

The Crimea also adds, the Chinese company has participated in building some infrastructure in the Crimea. Chinese investors are mainly interested in this field because it brings great opportunity for potential investments.

Admit of Ukraine

Vice Minister in charge of the occupied territories and temporary internal personnel rotation Ukraine, Mr. Georgi Tuka, recently declared that Ukraine 112 television “today, Ukraine can’t afford to get back the Crimea.”

Located on officials note that, from now on Kiev forced to restrict the dynamics of diplomatic protests and political statement. However in view of Mr Tuka, Donbass and Crimea in the long term will return part of the Ukraine “.

In addition, Ukrainian Deputy Minister also announced that his agency is collecting evidence about the “illegal exploitation” of resources including fish and shrimp and fish on the territory of Crimea.

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