Chinese martial arts: combat is very different than martial arts film

In the text documents, pictures of the duel of the traditional martial arts in China shows seem to be combat into the field of Chinese martial arts that don’t exist, or have just seen on film.

The Bushido MMA (mixed martial arts) Xu Xiaodong defeated Tai martial arts apprentice Pulled in about 20 seconds has aroused much debate around the traditional Chinese martial arts. In the history of Chinese martial arts, each several times to shine in the ring and save no less image data, the written word, even reliable picture.

The photo shows actual combat capability of Chinese martial arts. According to a post analysis of on-line QQ, since modern ages, Chinese martial arts world once the real war in the ring several times, but this is all foolishness.

Cuddle roll, bite the hand, hand dance, punching theft

For the depiction of Chinese martial arts in the ring, the notes in the book of ages there are differences compared to the rumors, or lack of credible evidence, much of the oral tradition of the nature. Until modern times, with the advent of mass media, the public had the opportunity to witness the confrontation of martial practice. The Art Of Institute of China (now retired) twice held the contest “national survey of Arts”, was recorded media.

In October 1928, the “national survey of art” was first held in Nanjing, over 400 martial arts participants. The League divided into two content: fight to try and fight it. Test match i.e. personal performances, who will reach the standards of the round.

In fact, the round its squadrons by draw, then proceed. Just the hands, elbows, legs … hit the enemy is able to score a point. Scored 2 out of 3 points ahead would win; or win by “knock out”.

At that time, the Stems (Shun Pao) have repeatedly reported about this tournament. As in the day Tuesday, the newspaper “Strong candidates but cannot defeat the spring Line, bitten on the face of the opponent, the blood flows lang command”. Throughout the tournament, many times two player martial arts so enraged co so long, maybe even hug status rolling on the floor, “the romantic fantasies of the audience for the martial art completely heartbroken”.

In October 1933, the “national art survey of” the second hosted more science in principle, martial craft squadrons under weight and regulations must use gloves. When there, written on Cauthi monthly DienChanPhong as follows:

“When weapons competition brief, I have been to Italy several days, if really speaking or demonstrating the technique, you can say no. When long weapons competition, there are a few countries which show the possibilities. The outcome of the fight right back as pathetic. Also, see wrestling not with judo of Japan “.

“While the short weapon fights, who are holding the short thing boring, two-up rings, if not hand dance then bite torn apart, the rest is just so enraged co. Finalists must surely trouble, or so it! “, they are full of sarcastic Dien comment.

Just like the farmers put foot hand dance

To date, the image is transmitted most widely played traditional Chinese martial arts is the “NgoTran martial aspect ratio” was held in Macau in 1954. Tong Tai NgoCongNghi Professor and famous martial arts of Fujian TranKhacPhu had fight.

In Tai history, this is the first match recorded, there’s even pictures, video. TranKhacPhu then share that “in the round, the two sides fought previous exploration, the player, but do not attack. Song of the second round of the Bell when it rang, both began to attack “.

Meanwhile, the news that Hong Kong’s TaKungPao newspaper take on this battle are written very vibrant. For example, the second round of a competition described as follows:

“Tran Khac Phu suddenly ‘ Negative force, ‘ maces of Liao to swing towards the NgocongNghi. NgocongNghi of back bending, reaching forward, but still ‘ TranKhacPhu ‘ maces Sound Liao was hit in the abdomen. Next, NgocongNghi launched a blow ‘ Qixing maces ‘ right hand, struck the nose of TranKhacPhu. TranKhacPhu’s nose bleeding immediately lang command. Under the rings and audience excitement. “la dating

Finally, with the contestant breaking the rules, the arbitration discussion, vote decided to stop the match. HaHienTuyen referee declared the match ended, the two sides “not to win, not draw well not to lose”.

The following year, the famous writer KimDung of China also began launching the first wuxia novel is “the message engine grace enemies”. “The Congress of the martial aspect ratio charity”, the two of them and their Ngo Tran has also raised more than 270,000 yuan.

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