Debris tail in Mozambique can be of the same type with MH370 aircraft

Some sources claim that the object length 1 m, contains the words “No Step” above is found in Mozambique is part of Boeing 777 aircraft, the same type of aircraft with MH370 missing.

Debris in Mozambique is part of Boeing 777 aircraft
The object containing the text “No Step” can tailfins is the Boeing 777. Photo: NBCNews

According to the anonymous source of NBC News, drift bodies up the beach, Mozambique has the words “No Step” above and can be from the tail wings. A metre-long body was found last week on the sand.

Minister Liow Tiong Lai Malaysia traffic on social networks Twitter said based on initial information “likely to be the largest fragments have been found in Mozambique belongs to B777”. “I call on everyone to avoid guesswork at this level too, we could not conclude the fragments belong to MH370”.

CNN quoted a Us officials said the debris apparently belongs to the Boeing 777, the same aircraft in flight MH370 missing.

Fragments also contain both screws. Jared Young, Vice President of research and development of the company LISI Aerospace fasteners, for that Division in question is a very basic parts. “I saw it on many variants of Boeing, not necessarily in the 777,” this person said.

Debris caused by an American discovered the Beach Mozambique Channel, between the waters of Mozambique in East Africa and Madagascar. It’s in the same area south of the Indian Ocean, where extra wing piece pilot in his flight MH370 was found in July last year.

An aviation source said there are no records of any Boeing 777 would disappear except the MH370 flight of Malaysia Airlines. It went missing on March 8, 2014 when carrying 239 people.

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