Does not need nuclear weapons, North Korea could also “levelling” of South Korea

While America strengthen pressure against North Korea, the Pyongyang Government has many options to respond without resorting to nuclear weapons.

According to National Interest, although foreign experts often focus on the number of ballistic missiles by North Korea, but the real threat lies in powerful guns and battle-hardened special forces could threaten South Korea.

In case of a war going on in North Korea, the infantry of the North Korea will cause a lot of damage to the South Korean army and the U.S. military presence in this country.

North Korea has a powerful tank forces.
North Korea has a powerful tank forces.

“With 70% of the infantry forces deployed south of the route between the capital Pyongyang and the city of Wonsan, North Korea may conduct a surprise attack on at any time,” the white book in 2014 of the South Korean Defense Ministry said. “In particular, the 170mm guns and rocket launcher system trap for lavatory series can surprise attack on the metropolitan area of the capital Seoul. In addition, North Korea is testing a missile system type series 300 mm can shoot to Central South Korea “.

In addition, North Korea is also an artillery forces include the 122mm missiles were deployed in the area near the country’s Western sea and near the southern border. In the military campaign, the Cannon will lie in the deep trenches to increase the ability to survive. In total, South Korea estimates that North Korea has the kind of guns and 5,500 8,600 system rocket series.

In addition, North Korea also are upgrading their armored car force, although this is not the top priority of the Government. “The upgrade of the tank are still taking place continuously, when the T-54 and T-55 were replaced with the Chonma-ho tanks and Songun-ho”, white book written. North Korea are more than 4,300 tanks and 2,500 other armored cars could be ready to be deployed.

Pyongyang also has a task force and are well-educated, and this is considered one of the greatest dangers the U.S. and South Korea face. According to sources from the US Army, the force is trained very carefully and fully equipped weapons.

“North Korea has about 200,000 soldiers of the task force. They are divided into several different strategies unit. The purpose of this unit is to implicitly breaking and important areas to attack the base and army units have an important role, and assassinate senior officials, free of sexual harassment and various other mission rearguard. They will break through the tunnels beneath the demilitarized zone, submarine or parachute from on high, “White said.

Although the military technology of North Korea are relatively backward, but if the war happens, North Korea could be damaging to South Korea and the US military.

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