Don’t think North Korea is insane that they actually very smart

The world obviously knows very little about North Korea, the world’s most mysterious country. However, according to the experts, it seems Kim Jong-un leaders are very intelligent action.

Let’s make the world think that North Korea is a crazy country. North Korea did not actually mad that they act very smart. Want to understand they must understand their motives.

Pressed Beijing alkaline radiate Pyongyang

Like his predecessors, President Donald Trump is trying to figure out how to handle the aggressive actions of North Korea, countries are preparing nuclear test times 6, and pressed China to help diffuse the alkalinity of the nuclear ambitions of Pyongyang.

Mr. Kim Jong-un was acting "smart" (photo: Getty Images)
Mr. Kim Jong-un was acting “smart” (photo: Getty Images)

Why DoD implemented a group of ships in the Western Pacific, is because the US had confidence when ships presence near North Korea, u.s. National Security Advisor, HR McMaster.

Open the RAID into Syria during a meeting with Chinese leader XI Jinping, Mr. Trump seems to want to out only the sign that he is willing unilaterally to bomb North Korea, just as he let oanh House in Syria. In a passage written on the Twitter Messaging site, Mr Trump warns: “If China decided to help, that’s great. If not, we will handle the problem alone. “

“You will handle the issue of North Korea? Like standing out brokered broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, to defuse the tension between North Korea and other countries in the region is extremely complicated “, Fish identification. And his policies seem to Trump more focused towards enforcing China refrain from radiate North Korea, comes the new embargo.

However: “always think in the beginning that: don’t underestimate the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and don’t forget to take South Korea”.

In the US there are a lot of people think that it is difficult to deal with North Korea because of Kim Jong-un is crazy. For example, Senator John McCain, who recently called him Kim’s “fat boy phị, operator of North Korea”.

There is a simple explanation and persuasion rather than on the actions of Pyongyang and people who like to push everything to the party doctrine brink of war to solve problems such as Mr. Trump should understand: every action aggressiveness of North Korea have strategic and economic significance.

The purpose of discouraging the actions seek to overthrow from outside of Mr. Kim Jong-un as his destiny to end up like Saddam Hussein in Iraq or Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. That is the reason for existence of weapons programs in North Korea.

“Each character Has more than a decade of dialogue with the North Korean leader tells me that: will Americans have to North Korea and do what they did with Gaddafi, and with the Syrian leadership, if they already control most of what we have?”.

As aggression, the more beneficial

The world knows very little about hereditary politics in North Korea. However, it seems that Mr. Kim Jong-un is the intelligent action. In addition to resist interference from outside and became Supreme Leader powerhouses in the country, there may be other explanations for the behavior of his aggressiveness Kim?

The Kaesong industrial park in North Korea. South Korea has pumped more money into it, however this industrial park has been temporarily closed in 2016.

One theory is that North Korea accepted as proved dangerous, this water as possible benefit from China and particularly South Korea. The country wanted a milder U.s. Pyongyang wants more. China doesn’t want North Korea to collapse, because when that China suffered more disastrous consequences. South Korea wants North Korea to more temperate by Pyongyang for decades has threatened to turn South Korea into “a sea of fire,” and because the capital Seoul of South Korea is very close to the border with North Korea, while Pyongyang has enough weapons to make that threat.

So can he expect new rewards back Kim from South Korea, especially in the context of South Korea going into the election this May and almost certainly because of the fear of war, they will vote for a President advocated the tracks near Pyongyang again.

In memoirs published in 2015 of former President Lee Myung-bak, he describes that, in negotiations with Pyongyang in 2009 about possibly organizing a summit between North Korea, the North Koreans have a demanding economic support. According to Mr Lee, North Korea 100,000 tons of maize required, 400,000 tons of rice, 300,000 tons of chemical fertilizers and 100 million U.s. dollars to support the construction of roads in 2009.

But that’s not all. They demanded another 10 billion dollars to do a bank capital for economic development. When South Korea rejected the North Korean mainland, changed tactics. On 3/2010, Pyongyang is said to have fired the Navy ship Cheonan, killing 46 South Korean sailors.

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