Egypt discovering ancient tombs over 3,500 years contains many antiques

Egyptian archaeologists on April 18 was announced the new findings about an ancient tombs intact more than 3,500 years in the Eighteenth dynasty contained many valuable artifacts in the area west of the city of Luxor, the South of the country.

Speaking to the press, the General Director of the Luxor archaeological authority Mostafa Waziry said the tomb was unearthed in Abu El-Zeraa Nagaa graveyard, is said to belong to the nobility of the city of Luxor Ou Sarhat new Kingdom period circa 1570-1544 BC. In the new Kingdom period of Egypt including the 18th dynasty, 19 and 20.

According to Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khaled El-Enany, though small-sized tombs, but this is an important discovery because the majority of map options were preserved almost intact.

Archaeologists said that the tombs were reused in the 21st dynasty to contain dozens of wooden coffins decorated the well-preserved colored motifs, wooden masks in ritual and nearly 1,000 ushabti figurines carved porcelain, terracotta and wood.

In addition, the tombs in the new Kingdom period also contained the Mummy and a collection of clay pots have different size and shape.

According to Mr. Waziry, Egyptian archaeologists have found the entrance to this ancient graves from the past Three months, although it has been known since the beginning of the twentieth century. This tomb is a typical example of a noble’s resting place with a T-shaped structure including a golf open lead on in a rectangular room, a hallway and an inner Chamber.

The excavations continue uncovering the secrets of the Tomb when the Chamber inside the archaeologists discovered several coffins containing mummies linens from the 21st dynasty.

The experts are conducting test Mummies to find out the cause of death and identity of those killed. A 9 m-deep wells connected to two rooms in the tombs have also been found.

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