Electronic warfare system of Russia in Syria is very strong

If the number of Russian missile count is exactly what Russia’s electronic warfare in Syria is terrible.

Israel lu speaker that, on the night of May 9 attack is retaliation to 20 rockets that Iranian forces in Syria on Golan, that the entire Iranian military infrastructure in Syria destroyed, that Iran, Iran and Iran …

However, nobody knows the main target of this attack?

Ghost attacks.

First of all, so far, Iran claims, they don’t know anything about 20 rockets that Israel accused today Israel and also no evidence indicating that there are 20 rockets or missiles fired into the Golan.

Apparently the logic of the scenario for the attacks to be the most horrible, big scale since 1974 to present Israel’s on the night of 9 May as follows: Syria Israel attacked on the night of 8 May (bait)-Iran (will) blow-Israel responded with the blow of the night 9/5.

Whether Iran “bite the bait” in the context of the recently announced U.s. withdrawal JCPOA only by 20 rockets isn’t that the missile destruction as Israel accused on Golan? A lack of action on the military range and stupid on politics never happen with Iran.

After the attack on May 8, Israeli Prime Netanyaho to Moscow to meet Putin on the morning of 9 May. Results of talks with Putin, Netanyaho obtained what no one knew, just knew, immediately return that night, Israel accused Iran launch missiles, rockets into the Golan and Israeli always hand out and, immediately responded.

As such, Iran “bite the bait” or not is not important, important is that Israel launched the strongest attack on Syrian territory because Iran, because Iran … to prepare the battlefield along with America is concerned.

The goal is to force the Syrian air force, air defense

Israel hửng whinny when one Pantsir-S1 no ammo, not the control of Syria

Syrian air defense force had something that America and Israel are determined to “exterminate” by being so?

In the current situation, the Syrian forces on the Battlefield Earth of Syrian army (SAA) is for. Not a holy war, the opposition forces can fight buoyancy SAA. Meanwhile, the United States, Israel … want to topple Assad cannot directly put into the infantry.

Thus, dominate the airspace of Syria, using the air force to bomb and missile launchers approach the optimal operations is decided on the battlefield. At the same time, if the Syrian air defense cleared the 15 U.S. bases are in Syria assured action with Iran.

On April 14, in 2018, the US opened first by Tomahawk missiles from 105 aircraft and ships to attack in Syria. Objective action: destroy the Syrian air force.

Only Americans claimed 105 used missiles to attack the 3 positions suspected to be harboring, research, the production of VKHH, but is actually 9 targets of attack in which the end goal was 6 bases in Syria.

Six air bases include:

-4 rocket has been launched aimed at the area of the international airport in Damascus.
-2 rocket was launched targeting Al-Dumayr military airport.
-18 missile was launched targeting a military airport Bley.
-12 missile was launched into the Shayarat military airport.
-9 missile was launched into the Mezzeh military airport.
-16 missiles are launched into the military airport of Homs.

The distribution of the missile as above is reasonable, not as claimed by the United States of America that, 76 rocket into the “Center for research and development, 22 missiles at” Barzah “Him” Shinshar VKHH container and 7 missiles at “Him Shinshar CW Bunker”.

On the night of 9 May in 2018, Israel opened a large attack on Syrian territory is said to have the scale and the most intense since 1974 to present, on a “cover” is the response of 20 rocket launchers on the Golan. The main operational objectives: destroy air defense missile system to Syria.

Nearly 70 ground missiles, ground-to-ground Israeli infantry and air force aimed primarily on Syrian air defense system it is the radar systems, such as missile S-200, Pantser-S1 of the Syrian army (of course not in doubt is that in which the the target is Iran’s base on Syrian territory).

Clearly, there is a random affordable when both of the attacks also are aimed at two air defense forces and air forces of Syria that the failure will decide an agency field?

About U.S-Israel military spook !

The rate shot to fall too much, it doesn’t matter that it’s important for a lot of people don’t know that back in the content published by the Russians.

Now and always following the American and British attacks, France night April 14, Russia announced for people to know America has launched the rocket from 103 aircraft and warships, the U.S. response, that 105 results rather than 103.

Then Russia announced the number of missiles is 100% correct because there are 2 results were “captured” that Russia hid US because sensitive … exactly 105.

The results (of the Russian Defence Ministry has pegs back): 105 In the missile launch, the missile is do

The results (of the Russian Defence Ministry has pegs back): 105 In the missile launch, the missile is down 66, 22 missiles hit targets, 2 rocket caught live, the number of remaining Russian missiles do not know where to go …

Also right and always dawn on 9 May, Russia announced, Israel aircraft fired 60 28 used missiles and forces the eye ground tactical missiles 10-launched in Syria.

Results: With 70 rockets were launched, being shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft half (at least 35 results), the rest of the damage is yet to inform Syria but PK is quite large.

Israel is not a silent protest before the Russian announcement.

Is there anything special in the right and always?

Clearly, counting the missiles the U.S., Britain, France and Israel launched out of how many, how much, where reporters from the media would … still hard to fold thousands of times “count the crabs in a box”.

However, Russia clearly counts, where in, very few discrepancies with the reality that only the Chief command of the American-Israeli new coalition.

That says what? That electronic warfare systems of Russia here is Super Summit.

Don’t have a missile would catapult, Catapult into where, from the means by which past Russia’s electronic warfare system, only the result fell into the sea, launched … missing the Russia hand bouquet.

Indeed, as if as if the Russian figures put out as recently as the truth, it not only makes U.s.-Israeli military worried that build hair-raising, because, shoot down it how much direction … is because of the Russian decision.

On the other hand, this is just the option passive defensive warfare, but when Syria combat variant changes switch to active defense, and then America, Israel will deal with Syria instead of just tight Defense (only shoot down missiles coming) and will just launch missiles in response?

There when the American defense system to Israel or to bear at the same time from 70-105 result Kalibr? There is a new trial, but American and Israeli missile then tried. Israel 70, US2 times of 105 + 59= 164 results is more than enough.

Air defense system to intercept missiles to Syria is not rumors. Thus, the Americans and the Israelis hate and exterminate the Syrian air force, air defense to dominate the military was.

No coincidence that on the 9/5 after Russia declared more than half Israeli missile knocked off American sanctions, two units of the Russian army: anti aircraft missile Regiment 183 and 11th training center of missile forces Russian aircraft.

Here are two Russian military units have provided training for Syria’s air defence forces.

So, do you believe that if Russia delivered S-300 for the Syrian army, then they can be used right? You may not believe it, but the Prime Netanyaho then surely would believe this.

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