FBI chaos because President Trump fired leader

The FBI pushed into disoriented after President Donald Trump surprise “behead” Director James Comey responded to controversial reasons.

On 10 May the Reuters quoted about observing the identification of a “political storm” new douse after President Trump the decision dismissing the FBI Director James Comey responded. In the letter to Mr. Comey responded, Mr. Trump stating: “Although very appreciated his contributions before but I agree with the assessment of the Ministry of Justice that he could not lead the FBI in an effective manner. So, you need to leave the Office and decided the dismissal take effect right away “.

Comey responded Director is one of the focal point of intense controversy in the United States before and after the presidential elections of November last year while directing the e-mail scandal investigation of candidates Hillary Clinton of facilities and the relationship between the many characters of President Trump with Russia. On 2 May, Mrs. Clinton declared how to handle his mail Comey responded “is one of the main reasons” prevented her failure despite doing nothing wrong. In contrast, Mr Trump has said that the FBI “cover” and “Mrs. Clinton not to investigate.” Yesterday, the White House’s owner explains why Mr. Comey responded from his is not satisfied about the service e-mail.

Mr. Comey responded was appointed under President Barack Obama in 2013 and up to 6 and a half year term new head has a total of 56 offices and more than 30,000 employees. Rules of the Senate of the FBI Director to 10 years is intended to help people on the bench are not worried about political pressure.

Mr. Comey responded is the second FBI leaders ever held. The first is Mr. William Sessions was “behead” in 1993 because of court facilities to abuse public funds.

On 10 May, the Vice President Mike Pence insisted the decision by the White House “is not related to the investigation of Russia”. However, CNN quoted Sen. Chuck Schumer, leader of the minority democratic party faction in the Senate, this will cause the voters suspect that the Government “is trying to conceal something”. The lower House of Parliament Jerry Nadler said he Comey responded “is thrilling action to block the FBI’s investigation”.

According to FBI officials, the Agency is currently very embarrassing and unknown investigation related to Russia will go on. In response to the backlash, the President of Trump wrote on Twitter: “Comey responded has lost the trust of Republicans and Democrats. When every luxuriant groves when the people will have to thank me. “

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