Gaddafi was killed in six years, the Libyan people regret ‘Gaddafi dictatorship’

Your “remove dictatorship-sowing democracy” to Libya over the overthrow Gaddafi was just “a wild dream” nightmare with many of the United States of America and the West.

Libya still nameless after 6 years President Gaddafi was killed

Because of discontent with how President Gaddafi’s management nor to accept Libya changes according to the plans of Saif Al-Islam-who is said to inherit power “dictator”-some of the Libyan tribes rebelled against the Central Government.

The haandi up quickly turn into armed conflict and on February 15, 2011, the year turned into civil war in Libya.

The tribe hope overthrew was “dictatorship”, their benefits will equal in a free country.

President Obama has viewed "remove dictatorship, sowing democracy" for Libya's biggest mistake in his life of his presidency
President Obama has viewed “remove dictatorship, sowing democracy” for Libya’s biggest mistake in his life of his presidency

Which considered Gaddafi as “African warlords” should civil war broke out was the opportunity for the West to “remove dictatorship-sowing democracy” for Libya. So, when Gaddafi suppressed rebellion, NATO was quick to act, prevent war crimes.

That is the power of both “Kung Fu,” Gaddafi’s regime, quickly collapsed and officially closed a dynasty with the death of Gaddafi on a sad afternoon last October, in 2011 in the town of Sirte.

“When Gaddafi deposed there were jubilant scenes in Libya. Song exultation took place only less than a month, when the taste of victory, furious that deprivation of life not knowing where, based on the new Libyan startled when thinking about the past, “according to the BBC.

Up to now has 6 years of President Gaddafi was killed in a bloody revolt and awe, those involved in the “delete” yet to be shaped is a social-political regime in Libya.

Also force “sow democracy” to Libya, according to the American magazine Foreign Policy Journal-has turned the country Libya late Gaddafi has become the haven for the Islamic militants and the slave markets of the 21st century.

The country of Libya are still being torn by the conflicting factions, social unrest and violence, people have no jobs, the life of deprivation and to abandon their home to go in search of the promised land. Affordable which is the true purpose of the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime?

Live in the sovereign country of which the Libyan people as above the wild island

Reuters news 26/10 day, many people in the capital Tripoli of Libya to drill the pavement to hope can reach groundwater sources in desperation, after the family and public water without a drop of water for several days.

The water supply system of Tripoli after years of neglect has been shut down water supplies to emergency maintenance early October. However, an armed group have ruined water supply system makes the anguish of the people of Tripoli lasted more.

The lives of the people of Libya, Gaddafi late attached to fire and fire-arms
The lives of the people of Libya, Gaddafi late attached to fire and fire-arms

“The water crisis is the best symbol for the failure of the Government of a country which had been found in abundance in North Africa-Middle East, ended when Gaddafi deposed leaders in 2011” , Reuters comment.

According to the British news agency, the Libyan people for the war at this not is nothing compared to the loss of power and water shortages, which was due to the armed groups contesting the control of sources of crude oil and weak infrastructure.

Last week, the water supply system from the Great Man Made River of the Gaddafi regime, a system of pipes and pumps water under Libya’s southern desert to coastal areas such as Tripoli built in 1996, has to be used.

“The Song then an armed group attacked resulting in the closure of three factories and 24 points the water supply,” said Tawfiq Shwehaidi, Director of the Great Man Made River in the eastern city of Benghazi said.

“There are times when we do not have a drop of living water for more than ten days, so that the Government does not do anything to change the situation,” said Nasser Said, a resident in the County Ben Ashour of Tripoli, expressed disappointment.

According to Mr. Nasser Said, because can not wait anything in Government should he had hired electric generator to drill a deep score to 31 meters to hopefully find out the Lode can take life for the apartment in his neighborhood.

“There is no running water, no power, we live in one country but not living on a deserted island. So which search sources of water, something we have not thought to come from more than 20 years ago, “He Said.

West powerless, while the Libyans now increasingly sorry “dictatorship”

The Government of National Unity (GNA)-political entity was the Western powers moulding left out the principle-have struggled to express his power since returning to Tripoli in March the year 2016 , song has completely failed.

The Libyan Government by the West moulding out helpless with the current situation

Legally, the GNA was the Libyan Supreme Court rejected the legal, i.e. currently GNA are illegal in Libya. Also in terms of the functions of a State, nor can we GNA be in meeting the needs of people’s lives.

In the capital Tripoli, conflict between armed groups are said to have lessened since the beginning of the year to date when a number of armed groups have had the association with GNA, song UN-backed Government is still not able to do something to improve the situation.

The public health service has become a disaster, then the inflation hikes meant for living people fallen into crisis.

In particular, the new school year could not start when teachers were owed months of wages.

Mr. Naji Assaed, who heads the water management agency of Libya, said: “Libya has no budget since the year 2011, except emergency aid. That is the truth about financial difficulties of the Libyan Government, “Reuters reported.

According to Mr. Assaed, the Government’s spending, former civil servant wages under the Gaddafi regime never became a problem for the State budget. Song that just left is memories with the Libyans.

Obviously, by this time-6 years have passed since the “spikes” are invasive Gaddafi-the West shows really helpless before the chaotic and difficult situation in Libya, and Libyan people increasingly now the sorry “dictatorship”.

As Mr Karim Mohamed, a tailor in Libya once said: “in Libya before, all the people are happy. In the US, there are people sleeping under bridges, while in Libya never had it “.

Mr. Mohamed insisted: “in Libya before there is no discrimination, no problem at all. Very good job and so have money. My life is all thanks to the Gaddafi-saviour of Africa “.

Also he Eliyas Yahya, a local Muslim leader, the pressing issues: self “because what people point to kill Gaddafi? They kill a person to solve the problem and now the problem is still worse. Why kill Gaddafi? “, the BBC reported.

The fact shows that in the past six years living in Libya late Gaddafi, the people of this North African nation has only three options to ensure your survival in the context of poor ones always pursue and death is always lurking.

First, those with extremist thought, then choose violence to do perhaps live and bullets do the means to make a living, from which they become terrorists are raging across the country and in other parts of the world.

Second, those who do not stand the rigors of life in Libya, then choose to leave home to go to find the promised land in the Sun with fragile hope for life in an arduous and dangerous.

Third, those who can’t change then the officers waiting for a miracle to help them change the fate and in the dreaming brain, they are nostalgic about the society is “ruled by Gaddafi’s dictatorship”.

So, the desire to “remove dictatorship-sowing democracy” to Libya over the Gaddafi regime overthrown only as “a wild dream” nightmare with many of the United States of America and the West as well as the rebel forces against the Gaddafi Government sponsored the West.

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