General Reviews of Apple iPhone X: perfection, distinctive and expensive

Apple iPhone X are highly magnetic perfection in the design of the iPhone X as well as new features including the Face ID and Animoji.

Before the new iPhone sold out is the time the reviews of products which officially appear on multiple pages of the international press. A series of lucky bloggers, journalists have in hand the iPhone the first X in the world just to share views on the best smartphone Apple to date.

Unlike in the past, most of the present review are not yet complete. That is because the majority of these people have not had the opportunity to experience the device too one day.

IPhone reviews X according to Cnet, Face ID, life does the Home button, a new OLED screen brings different experience when using the iPhone X

Therefore, if the decision to buy the machine after reading so many reviews, you should wait more. Even so, these reviews also brings a very bright picture for little risk-filled Apple.

General Reviews of Apple iPhone X: perfection, distinctive and expensiveBelow is our General with reviews on some technology newspaper in America.

The Verge

iPhone X is definitely the best iPhone ever. It is thin, strong, expressive ambitious ideas on how to use the camera on smarphone and put the phone’s design language to a strange place.

If the set before it, will you happy though to have to step on a journey to discover how Face works best for ID with yourself.

However, if you have not yet ordered, also nothing too lost. iPhone X may be the big step of hardware but it still running iOS 11, just like with many other iPhone model. You will feel no deprivation, except Animoji features.

Face ID owns a good start but still have problems in different light conditions. And until the application is updated, you are still not able to make the most beautiful screen of iPhone X.

To say more, the iPhone X super expensive. To many people, it’s worth the price. With others, it is the price madness.

Below are reviews of the iPhone X from the world’s top technology news:


Traditional Home button has disappeared on the iPhone X, that section now for the screen. It is the biggest change on the iPhone to date.

Aesthetically, the iPhone X for feeling great, with the level of fit and perfect the extremely impressive, even with the standard Apple. I especially like the stainless steel frame and the glass that covered the front and back of the integration with it in a natural way.

Please look at the screen, the background plate 5.8 inch OLED spread almost all over the surface of the phone. It is one of the most impressive screen I’ve ever seen on a mobile. While Galaxy Note 8 for vivid color, the color of X iPhone more natural.

Of course, it’s not perfect. Use the new Application Converter seems slightly slower than double click the Home button. Disabling an application also takes time: You have to press and hold the window, then touch mute button in the corner.

On the iPhone, there are 2 features you can’t miss: Face the ID and Animoji. When the face opposite the Face ID love too the unlock took about less than 20 seconds. This process quickly near the equivalent of using Touch ID.

Meanwhile, Animoji works very well and will soon become the phenomenon. I don’t want to say this but I have to accept it. I also need to warn: the more you spend time with these lovely icons of their faces in this simulation, you will love it.


According to the original design, the iPhone X can not unlock. After you have identified the face, you have to slide your finger to access the application, meaning that you are still resorting to arms.

Some applications looks fine but the fact the image is broken

I tried many different conditions: hair cutting, shaving, hats, glasses and a second post accessories. As a result, in the conditions of “fact”, Face ID works more accurately what I think. Poor conditions in some fact, your are not recognized but basically, it’s better than face recognition feature of the Galaxy Note 8.

The part of rabbit ears is in fact not much influence. The majority of applications do not use this surplus came about. Instead, it is mainly used to show the home Wi-Fi network, notice the battery etc. .. Even so, many existing applications are not yet optimized for the iPhone.

This application takes up space just like on the iPhone 8, leaving quite a lot of parts. With the iPhone, you have to get familiar with the new operation: slide down from the top corner to open the Control Center, main slipping up is new Home button, slide up and hold to on Windows applications are open and slide left or right on the bar bar underneath the application to pass between the multitasking software.


Due to a slightly different lens placement, iPhone X seems to crop other than iPhone 8 Plus in the same distance, the equivalent of 52 mm lens instead of 56 mm of 8 Plus. However, most users won’t notice unless the most recent 2 air side by side.

The iPhone telephoto lens X also better iPhone 8 Plus by owning a larger aperture (f/2.4), 50% brighter. You will see the benefit of fitting anti-vibration optical lenses for telephoto lens when shooting landscapes in the evening.

When shooting close-up, such macro flowers, food, optical vibration resistant lenses also help bring better details, photo not blurred. Even so, in terms of signing light (sunlight and lights), you almost don’t notice the difference between the 2 camera.

True Depth camera on the front not only Face active ID but also bring to portrait mode to delete the fonts. It is similar in effect to a system 2 camera, of course only works well when shooting someone.


Who should consider buying the iPhone X is:

-The really serious with the photo shoot, shoot video and know exactly what they want from iPhone camera.

-Easy adaptation: model who loves technology, familiar with learning how to use new software and like most new things, most excellent.

-Most importantly, who can pay 999 or $1,149 the same $279 screen repair cost.

A further problem to note is the capacity. If you decide to buy the iPhone X, you must weigh between a 64 and 256 GB.

I have a total of 615 photos and clips inside the iPhone X with about 10 of which is 1-2-minute length video, 81 applications. After a week, I used up 37 GB. With the new image compression systems iOS 11, you absolutely can use a 64 GB if you frequently backup data with Google Photos, iCloud or something similar.

However, if you choose a 256 GB, the phone will run faster, longer and not anxious to work capacity.

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