Harsh reality Saudi Arabia is not opponents of Iran

The task force QudsThe Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) of Iran Islam was quick to condemn the service of Saudi-Arabia executed clergy who featured Nimr al-Nimr Shiite by warning chills. Accordingly, the IRGC declared, “no doubt, Saudi-Arabia will pay the price for their shameful behavior”.

For an organization to intervene very deep into two wars in Syria and Iran, the IRGC’s warning does not seems to be a simple warning, at least in the eyes of the nation’s Sunni Muslims in the Gulf such as Saudi-Arabia. Long, Saudi-Arabia still insisted that Iran–a Shiite Muslims largest country in the Middle East, is trying to sabotage their security.

Speeches full of angry of the Islamic revolution guard of Iran is not a call for a direct conflict with Saudi-Arabia, something that both countries are rivals don’t want to happen. However, it is a reminder for those of Saudi Arabia in the Gulf region are related to Saudi-Arabia and other places in the area that the IRGC has many ways to launch a prolonged cold war between Tehran with Arab enemies.

Tehran denies the country is interfering in Arab lands. Song, Quds force — an arm of the overseas activities of the IRGC, actually did contribute soldiers, weapons and other military supplies to support and policies of Iran across the region.

The prospect on the real concern for a region-where the conflict or political crisis from Lebanon to Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Bahrain are all related to the two implacable enemies together as Iran and Saudi Arabia.

A day after the IRGC issued the statement which described the Government of Saudi Arabia is “those who foster terrorism, filled with hatred and against Islam,” Riyadh has severed diplomatic relations with Tehran, making escalated tension in the race rivalry in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi-Arabia.

Yet there is a sure indication leadership of Iran agreed to be together they will avenge his death Nimr and the measures will be applied. However, although the Iranians launched measures would then force the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guards will also join in the planning process, not direct involvement.

While Iran is not opponents Saudi Arabia if in terms of technology and modern weapons, but Tehran can still use weapons and soldiers a smart way to “overturned gamble”. Here are five types of “weapons” that Iran can use to change the status quo if the war Tehran-Riyadh.

1. The task force Quds

Although not as a weapon, the Quds force, part of the structure of the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guards (IRGC), is the most effective tool that Tehran may used against Saudi Arabia. With approximately 25000 soldiers, professional force covert operation led the U.S military to “suffering” in the occupation of Iraq.

The task force’s structure in the Quds force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

Quds force has been training for the local Shi’ite rebels and provide weapons to the group against the us army forces-including armor-piercing warhead with order form (EFP) to penetrate the armor of the Abrams main battle tank. By the time the peak of the Iraq war, the EFP that causes should be 1/5 of casualties for US military.

Quds force operations in many regions of the world and even have ever attacked the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States. We are fighting against the Quds State Islamic organization claiming (ISIL) in Iraq and Syria.

2. Ballistic missile

While the Iranian air forces use the obsolete aircraft, Tehran still has the ability to attack “Government” through ballistic missile system. Iran could use the missiles at any time because there are so many in stock, including the liquid fuel rocket Emad, has range near 1610 km. In addition, the country also has ballistic missiles Shahab. The latest variant is the Shahab-3, has a range 3860 km.

The range to attack the targets of Iranian ballistic missiles.

Ballistic missile “Labs” for Iran’s missile Sejjil, which is very difficult to hunt. They also have a very fast response time. “Sejil 3 has a range of 4000 km and maximum weight 38000 kg”-according to the project of Missile Threat of the Claremont & George c. Marshall.

3. Fast attack ship

Because Saudi Arabia depends on oil exports for its economic development, Iran can shut down the Strait of Hormuz or disrupt maritime traffic in the Persian Gulf. Indeed, Iran has been working hard to do just that during the time known as the Tanker wars of the 1980s.

The naval units of the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guards-the force maintains an armed fleet of fast-attack can attack the boats and ports of Saudi Arabia in a conflict. The massively boats attack can cause great harm to the Navy and the sea ports of Saudi Arabia.

4. The Ghadir class submarine

An Iranian Ghadir class submarine. Designed to operate in the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf, Iran can use the Ghadir class submarine to attack ships and the ports of Saudi Arabia. The small submarine can also be used to deploy the Quds forces on Saudi territory to perform different tasks. Besides, the ship can also be used to lay mines.

The information on this Board not to reveal much. They are said to have 120 tons displacement and length of about 24 m. They have a maximum speed of about 17 km per hour and cost about $ 20 million. That means that Iran could build a substantial military force with low cost.

5.  Soumar Cruise missile

On 8 March 2015 Iran announced Soumar long-range cruise missiles by the country to develop.

Iran is said to have developed a kind of long-range cruise missiles, designated the Soumar with range of around 2410. Weapons can be developed based on the Kh-55. Despite the advantage in terms of technology, Saudi Arabia more than Iran, the weapons from Iran may pose great challenge to Saudi Arabia if war broke out between the two countries.

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