Hillary Clinton – the symbol of the American student movement

When 22 years, Hillary became a symbol of the student movement in response after the speech by a Republican Senator.

In 1969, the principal of Wellesley College, Ruth Adams, invited Republican Senator Edward Brooke to speak at commencement 91 times.

Eleanor “Eldie” Acheson, a friend of Hillary and the nephew of former U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson, was the effort to impact Hillary, then President of the Student Government, was speaking at the opening ceremony. Dean Adams initially refused to allow the students to not have precedent for this, but Acheson argued that students should also demonstrate the voice and convince Mrs. Adams successfully.

Hillary Rodham (Hillary Clinton’s maiden) is the first student in Wellesley College history to be speaking at commencement.

Hillary Rodham's remarks in the University commencement at Wellesley in 1969. Photo: Washington Post
Hillary Rodham’s remarks in the University commencement at Wellesley in 1969. Photo: Washington Post

Jan Piercy, a close friend of Hillary, said Hillary was very worried about the speech. Hillary later recounted that she had official White night to prepare. Hillary gave Alan Schechter, who was his thesis advisor see drafts and please comment of Acheson, but don’t ask her opinion of Adams. Ms. Adams was trying to ask Hillary revealed before the speech but Hillary refused.

Hillary that moment has nothing to lose. She finished the school time in Wellesley and was admitted to the law school of Yale University. “She’s involved in a political battle,” Mary Shanley, a former student at Wellesley, said.

On May 31, 1969, more than 2,000 students focused to attend the school’s commencement. Speech of Mr. Brooke is said to carry the patronizing attitude of the students movement. Mrs. Clinton later wrote in his autobiography that he has looking outdated. He illustrated social progress by referring the poverty rate rising and urged students not to “confuse the fervor of the rally with the value of achievements”.

At that time, the movement of American student protests took place very preteen, some even protest turned into violence. At Wellesley, the student movement does not only take place in the school campus but also in the village. Students jam the slogan requires equity in home ground, oppose racism and opposed the Vietnam war. Actually, Hillary is not the leader in this activity, but she has repeatedly applied up to recommendations on the issues she is racist.

Ms. Adams then introduced the next speech is Hillary, describing her as a “fun, humor, a companion and a good friend”.

Hillary on stage and turned to look at Mr. Brooke. “We haven’t been standing in positions of leadership and power. But we have the right not to be missed is the criticism and constructive opposition, “Hillary’s strong response to the speech of Mr Brooke. The response to this is probably due to she improvised rather than under-prepared in a speech.

“Every protest, every dissatisfaction, whether through individual scientific statements or demonstrations in the parking were not plotting effort to create identity in this era,” Hillary said.

“There is nothing to know that 13.3% of the population of our country are living below the poverty level? That’s just a percentage. We are not interested in rebuilding society, we are interested in the reconstruction of the human “, Hillary against Mr. Brooke.

Acheson observed speech from seats. She avoided looking at her eyes Adams, know that the principal felt betrayed. Alton Frye, who wrote speeches for Mr. Brooke, said Senator unexpectedly when an outspoken student responses to his speech.

When Hillary ended the speech, applause lasted 34 seconds. The students stood up to her hip. “We are proud of her, proud of myself,” Acheson said.

Video: Hillary’s speech ending


Overnight, Hillary became a national symbol of student activities. She appeared in an article of Life magazine. She also received attention from the leftists, including prominent civil rights activist Vernon Jordan and later mentor, founder of child protection Fund Marian Wright Edelman. When entering the law school of Yale University, where she later met her husband, her name is well known.

The Washington Post reviews of Hillary’s speech was demonstrated soon for her political instincts, and the ability to sense the moment for launching an “attack” strategy. Hillary has left everyone amazed, even close friends.

Speech at Wellesley Hillary’s surprise because it shows a side of her and Senator Brooke who she supported power ramps. During his time in school, Hillary never known as a rebellious student. Hillary “was the mediation, is not a bomb”.

When Hillary entered Wellesley University in the fall of 1965, her parents, Hugh and Dorothy Rodham, said that this school-with a weekend curfew and restricted men-which is where your child will be safe, according to testimony from a friend of Hillary.

Hillary strong development in the environment only females. She was active in the movement of young Republicans and urged students to support Brooke becomes the first African American elected to the U.S. Senate since Reconstruction era (1863-1877) (the original Hillary is a supporter of the Republican party, but in 1968, she was transferred to support the Democratic Party).

Anyone can realize your talking in public of Hillary when she remarks in an outdoor rally in the second University, focus on the curriculum and the school whether to hit the slider.

“Everyone is glued to her,” Karin Rosenthal, who photographed Hillary for the student newspaper, said.

“She has poise, self-control, self-restraint,” which can render the Bohemian and rebellious students loathe, Professor Robert Pinsky said.

“She is not a rebel or a student revolutionary,” Robert Reich, a former student leader in the Dartmouth review.

With the position of Student Council President, Hillary’s conciliatory style is too soft for some students, those who want radical change. “Hillary works with the deans rather than breaking the rules”, an old school friend recalling.

Senator Brooke later recalls Hillary in his autobiography as a woman who “knows what she wants and how to get there”.

“Her speech was the early signs of strong ambitions in her basic personality”, Frye, who wrote speeches for Mr. Brooke, said.

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