If North Korea does not suffer the world’s embargo, then North Korea will likely be the power

Today 105 year anniversary Kim Il-Sung birthday issue leadership North Korea’s with the image was widely published, are the Western press published about a country North Korea is different from what they were earlier information. A new perspective on North Korea, modern weapons, the military, the country, discipline and clean streets, chic. Sure you won’t at least familiarity because people have regarded North Korea as a country poverty begging around the year.

To width you read yourself will add for you to understand. When the embargo lifted, then North Korea immediately into power, but why are they so difficult:

Luxurious, spacious streets, inhabitants of the discipline involved in traffic, walking in the right lane, where the provisions

1: North Korea has a lot of mineral resources, the longer and more expensive land is rare. This is what makes technology that other countries covet. But because the embargo so the people they don’t have the money because it is not sold. Like you hungry to eat in the Treasury.

2: the population of North Korea is very good discipline, they volunteered because that’s the understanding that national strength. Meaning that they volunteered to serve the country, the construction of the road bridge from small. Because you understand that they will be going on the bridge. When building a market economy nobody compete.

3: The embargo did North Korea have to sell cheap as for minerals to China.

4: North Korea is the land very difficult production of food, harsh as Finland, Norway. Most of the embargo back on to food for hungry people that toppled the Government. A siege tricks from the middle ages. The majority of the lyrics disparage the West’s rếu are both targeting the hunger that they forget is they have banned North Korea buy food.

How embargoed in food, so that they are self development, today’s food was not too difficult as deprivation days ago.

5: Not the most luxurious but also exuberant to surprisingly ahead of a feared North Korea were considered poverty

6: Communism is to refer to the components produced from the community. This sense of national resource conservation is very good. Do not get rich in any way, the hook he exposed to smoke in order to satisfy the sumptuous life to buy the votes of the voters and wasting national resources to scramble for power. What we see is only the views of hundreds of years.

Who wants to see the fate of the Romans must have the vision of thousands of years. South Korea and North Korea are not yet sure who will win in the long line of history. The have you ever convert back if South Korea which was the U.S. embargo menace. Have positive surface stately March as today?

The broad boulevards, beautiful planning leads the surveyor and do not believe it is in North Korea

The city with the unique architecture building, along a straight Highway this afternoon I wandering

A bustling city, power, wealth makes all such as are in a different world entirely with what she was listening to look in the Western press

After all, the North Koreans are still on the rise as a States Member, always stand before the pressure of the UN, the US, China. And today, they leave for the world, people who only read the article title to see that North Korea, a progressive, clean, spacious, and clean environment to the awesome costumes. And if you’ve ever read this article of blogcamxuc then you will understand the North Koreans don’t do a nice clean, modern Singapore to spellbinding.

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