If the US war with North Korea then the price will have to pay will be extremely large

American President Donald Trump ever strongly warn North Korea that: “don’t underestimate us. Do not challenge us. ” Song by the expert, Mr. Trump also should not underestimate the cost if war with North Korea.

The key issue for us is the possibility of North Korea already possesses missiles capable of carrying nuclear bombs hitting South Korea and Japan, two of America’s allies, according to the New York Times. If one of the nuclear weapons of North Korea struck the target, an entire city would be destroyed.

Especially, even when the United States launched the initial attack and successful destruction of nuclear capability North Korea, then millions of Korean civilians as well as U.s. troops are stationed in South Korea will become the target of retaliation with weapons conventional or chemical weapons by North Korea. As such, even without nuclear weapons, North Korea is still sufficient to destroy Seoul and tens of thousands of people will be killed.

American President Donald Trump.

North Korea could have up to 250 mobile missile launcher, in which some devices can launch nuclear missiles. If some of these mobile units are dispersed throughout the time of the American invasion, the United States will not be able to destroy the whole of them before a rocket was launched. America also did not reap much success in detecting and destroying the mobile missile launcher in the recent war.

An initial attack of America may make North Korea were so effective in countering the country’s army will likely decrease. But the opening of a surprise attack is very difficult, if not impossible to do.

According to the New York Times, North Korea there are reliable sources about the military operations in South Korea and Japan to warn Pyongyang about a potential attack. Not to mention, the grounds of intelligence from the U.S. and other parts of the country, or the country’s intelligence agency with ties to Korea like China or Russia might also warned Pyongyang about the threat of Us attack.

Accordingly, in order to create the element of surprise, the U.S. will have to find a way to prepare for a possible secret war. Washington cannot be increased massively in the area without the Korean alarming.

The Korean people will not be notified of an attack should not be prepared to avoid the war. Even the American citizens in South Korea shall also not be alert and don’t be evacuated from Korea. Any of the preparations for a war would have to hide after the exercises and other normal activities.

However, a surprise attack still requires a large amount of weapons, ammunition, pierced, powerful and accurate in order to destroy the missiles and nuclear warheads North Korea extremely solidly.

Only the strategic bombers, B-2, B-1B of the US can work. This aircraft can be something from the Guam military base or bases in the United States to North Korea. But the bombers will require substantial support from the aerial refueling planes.

According to the New York Times, it is difficult to estimate how much your bomber because there is very little information regarding the number as well as the position of the North Korean military base

However, if the preliminary estimates, the experts say America needs to mobilize at least 20 bombers capable of carrying 500 precision-guided bombs or bombs “crisis” than less numbers in the early stages of the war.

The American submarines could move close to the coast of North Korea to launch cruise missiles while the bombers are on their way. This will reduce the possibility of North Korea scattered, relocate the mobile weapons before the American bomber squadron to simultaneously disable some air defense systems of North Korea.

However, military experts noted that the attacking efforts, North Korea unexpectedly is a gamble is full of risk. If the US attacks North Korea’s first Government, the first goal should focus is the nuclear infrastructure of the country.

Even if America succeeds in disabling the nuclear arsenal of North Korea, the country still has the opportunity to respond with the kind of conventional weapons has a formidable power. In all these situations, thousands of American soldiers and civilians as well as South Korea will die.

Meanwhile, if the Americans launch a surprise nuclear attack in order to destroy the nuclear arsenal of North Korea at the same time prevent the possibility Pyongyang counterattack by conventional weapons can also have more chance of success. America’s nuclear weapons is considered quite accurate and always available on the launch pad.

However, the blow to the nuclear arsenal of North Korea will also cause immeasurable disasters. Not to mention, one such attack will ruin the reputation of the entire United States. Moreover, Americans as well as American military officials will even against a ban on such attacks.

Because of these strategic reasons, humanitarian and constitutional, the choice of initial nuclear attack (against North Korea) under the expert should not be on the table. The conclusion, according to the New York Times, a North Korean attack is extremely complicated, full of risks and have the complexity, risk and cost too expensive, difficult to anticipate. Accordingly, combining diplomacy and deterrence measures to force North Korea to give up nuclear weapons is the most prudent option.

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