India mobilized 2500 soldiers and modern weapons to the Chinese border

India reinforcements to the area Doklam Highlands bordering China in the context of the tension between the two sides is not yet showing signs of hypothermia.

The Indian army recently deployed additional 2500 soldiers to the area in the State of Sikkim border China aims to strengthen the ability to respond in the event of conflict between the two sides broke out in Doklam plateau, the Times of India reported.

It is said the move responds with China recently deployed additional troops to the Khamba Dzong and the Chumbi Valley near area, between India’s Sikkim and Bhutan.

Indian troops patrolled the border in China. Photo: Nation.
Indian troops patrolled the border in China. Photo: Nation.

Both China and India currently maintains about 300-400 soldiers each party in the situation facing directly in Sikkim and none have signs like to concessions by the retreat from the area.

Along with strengthening the army, Indian military units along the border of more than 4,000 km as the 17th Division (headquartered in Gangtok), the 27th Division (in Kalimpong) and 20 (at the Binnaguri) also maintains combat-ready status at the highest level.

Stress in Doklam between China and India have taken place more than a month ago when both sides accused the soldiers of the enemy invading the territory of the other. Though the two countries held a meeting between senior officials, the situation still no signs of hypothermia.

At the same time Indian General visited the border while tensions with China

Indian Army Chief to visit the mountainous State of Sikkim, which borders China, while two water stress on the border.

General Bipin Rawat, the Chief of the Indian army, today to Gangkok, capital of the State of Sikkim, while Beijing accuses Indian troops of territory to spill Beijing, according to Reuters.

An Indian army spokesman said the one-day visit of Gen. Rawat is “as usual” and was planned before the tension at the border.

China accused Indian border troops advance into the area in the early June Donglang and impede the construction of a road.

The troops of the two sides after that confrontation near a strategic Valley controlled by China, which separates India and Bhutan ally. This place also help China reach the place is called the chicken stock, the land connecting India with the outlying regions in the Northeast.

Meanwhile, Indian media claiming conflict occurs because China moved an old bunker of India.

China says it has right to develop the border area has been divided in Sikkim. “The region is a part of the territory Donglang China. Road construction activity in China’s Donglang is perfectly reasonable and could understand, “Foreign Ministry spokesman Luc Dominate China today announced.

India to tighten military ties with the United States in recent years, causing concern for China. The skirmishes between troops of the two countries frequently occur in the 3,500-km-long border.

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