Interceptor missiles: Iran startled, promote American weapons?

From the Director of the diplomatic crisis “Qatar” to create the script the “political crisis Lebanon”, America has many benefits …

The situation in the Middle East are warming revolves around the Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri decided to abandon political life to preserve life itself. Saudi-Arabia and Iran are being swept into the whirlpool, “Lebanese political crisis”.

Should also reiterate that, on 3 November, Mr. Saad Hariri made unscheduled flights to Saudi Arabia. Although there is little surprise, public opinion still said that it is only the periodic visit of Mr. Hariri to come to the country for his career.

After directing "the diplomatic crisis, Qatar", Washington continues to create script "political crisis Lebanon", thereby increasing the American benefit?
After directing “the diplomatic crisis, Qatar”, Washington continues to create script “political crisis Lebanon”, thereby increasing the American benefit?

However, on 4 November from the capital Riyadh, the head of the Government of Lebanon the surprise resignation, which cause to feel threatened by Hezbollah-the part of the ruling coalition and the Iranian side arms abroad.

Just hours after Mr Hariri announced his resignation, a ballistic missile was launched from the territory by the Houthis in Yemen militant groups are backed by Iran, directed at the Riyadh international airport. Missiles have been intercepted before reaching the target.

Saudi-Arabia and the United States of America confirms this is the missile, Qiam-1 Iran and accused both Tehran and Hezbollah has a role in this, although the Houthis group got responsible for causing the incident, according to the Aljazeera.

Tehran, though emerged uncontested allegations of Riyadh and Washington, but did not completely deny the relevance to the incident-a move quite confusing with “Middle Eastern powers”.

“It’s strange, military alliance of Saudi-Arabia has fired ballistic missiles on Riyadh from Yemen, but did accuse Iran. Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department still urges Iran to actively resolve the Yemen crisis, “according to Iran Daily.

The situation is heating up causing the observers and diplomatic circles had viewed the happenings related to “political crisis Lebanon” could trigger the detonator of war the Middle East or not.

According to gender analysis, Middle East wars have happened or not is unknown and very difficult to predict, but when the rocket firing of Qiam-1 Houthis Riyadh and was intercepted, the effects of it can be right.

May find that, after the Houthis admitted Qiam-1 missile launch in the capital Riyadh of Saudi Arabia helped bring many benefits for Us in the hot lands. Why is that?

Houthis help ensure agreement on arms purchases worth 350 billion between the United States and Saudi Arabia will be executed

Public opinion must also remember, in the first foreign trip on an American State heads to Saudi-Arabia Islam May in 2017, President Donald Trump has achieved unexpected success.

President Trump was the Saudi Arabian Royal family greet with solemn ceremonies and warm attitude to greet former President Obama, though Mr. Obama has always stood on the side of Riyadh, when it vetoed the Act retroactive Riyadh in September 11 events.

However, more important is America already has an agreement for the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia worth up to 350 billion u.s. dollars within 10 years, in which the account is worth 110 billion us dollars in effect immediately. This is a record of a visit of a u.s. President.

Then the White House has hailed the agreement between Washington and Riyadh is an important step in the relationship between the security allies complementing strategies, creating a powerful alliance against international terrorist forces.

Even so, with a value too large should the weapons deal between Washington and Riyadh were professionals doubt about its real value as well as the ability to make deals.

6/10 days past, when Saudi-Arabia and Russia has a preliminary agreement on the sales of the S-400 air defense system, the US was quick to agree to sell to Saudi-Arabia missile defense system last stage height (THAAD) for 15 billion dollars.

“This acquisition helps increase security and America’s foreign interests, support the long-term security of Saudi-Arabia and the Gulf region before the threat from Iran as well as other threats in the area,” the U.S. State Department Communique clearly.

THAAD is one of the missile interception system is the most efficient of the U.S., are equipped with radar systems. THAAD has been installed in the neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia, including Qatar and The United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to the U.S. State Department, the THAAD system, if present in Saudi Arabia, will help stabilize the situation in the Gulf region and protect Americans as well as allies in the area which are faced with increasing risk from Iranian missiles.

The officials said this affair is part of a package of arms purchases worth $110 billion that President Trump each promise of Saudi-Arabia Salman in the feedback May visit in 2017.

It shows the huge deal on sale of weapons between Washington and Riyadh have professed. However, because the supply of THAAD takes place in the context of Moscow can provide for Riyadh S-400, should carry heavy emotional problems.

Song when the enemy officially threatened Saudi Arabia through the Houthis launch missiles on Riyadh then strengthening defensive capabilities can not delay with the Riyadh Government.

And when the Qiam-1 missiles was intercepted before it reached the target, the technical features and problems of the effectiveness of the weapons-craft was hit on the top, rather than the longer the tactics, strategies. This is the condition for American weapons of Saudi-Arabia.

Iran to help expand the market for the Middle East the U.S. weapons exporters, rather than Russia

Can see that the curtains of firing of the Houthis is a way to help promote America’s weapons. When the Houthis claimed responsibility, the incident is also at this guerrilla group proves effective for U.s. weapons.

Qiam-1 missiles Iran was intercepted in the context of u.s. cruise missiles, surface-to-air missile of Israel flew into Syria as possible is not the cause for the belief in American weapons increases, customers toward American weapon suppliers will more.

Can Outlook, the Russia project real soldiers before the American and Israeli attack on Syria is a victory of President Putin in terms of strategy, tactics, but technically, it is a failure of Moscow before Washington.

By the war, tactics, strategy is only valid in the plan, and when the action was technical features and effective use of the new weapon was its eminence. When Russia projects real soldiers making Russian weapons lose this advantage.

While Saudi-Arabia’s agreement to buy American weapons up to 350 billion u.s. dollars, but the deal with Russia during a visit to the history of the King Salman to Moscow last October only about 2.5 billion , less than 1% of the agreement with the United States.

Many stated that this was due to the efforts of the Washington “Riyadh” should “not” send the most recent large orders for Moscow. It just may be true in part, by the Riyadh Agreement-value if Moscow up to tens of billions of dollars the U.S. threats of new benefits.

Consequently, the nature of the problem is attributed to Russian weapons haven’t been shown essential skills to prove effectiveness before U.s. weapons in the “duel” should cause the Saudi dè places with Russian weapons.

When the result of the American Tomahawk cruise missile flying into Syria to punish Damascus in Idlib events “as nowhere man is a way of helping the U.S. weapons confirmed the superiority of technical features and performance before Russian weapons.

Now Qiam-1 missiles Iran was intercepted before it reached the goal demonstrated America’s rivals have not been able to challenge the US in terms of technical level and features of weapons, both in defense and attack.

So, from the Director of the diplomatic crisis “Qatar” to create the script the “political crisis Lebanon”, America has many benefits from both allies, partners and rivals, thereby forming for the new American strategy in the Middle East.

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