Iran banned the importation of Saudi Arabia, the two economies are damage

Iran banned the importation of Saudi Arabia, the two economies are damageIran announced on January 7, prohibits importation of Saudi Arabia or or transported intermediates from the country.

The announcement on Iran comes in the context of the tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran flared up after work on January 2, the Group of people who work in the capital Tehran and the city of Mashhad (Iran), burning of embassies and consulates of Saudi Arabia here, concerning Saudi Arabia executed Muslim chaplain Nimr al-Nimr Shi’ite line-key figure in the wave of protests broke out 2011 in eastern Saudi Arabia.

The tension between the two countries has made the international community concerned and urged the two countries to alleviate the stress.

According to the observed world, Iran banned imports of goods of Saudi Arabia or central moved from the country of causing ill effects to both countries.

According to the official statistics, in the first eight months of the year 2015 (according to Iranian calendar was started from March 20, 2015), the import of goods from Saudi Arabia to Iran has increased to 40 million dollars (36.8 million euros), while Iran’s exports to Saudi Arabia reached 132 million dollars (121 million euros).

Tehran also maintains the ban on people pilgrimage to Mecca until further orders. The number of Iranian pilgrims to Mecca every year, an estimated 600,000 people.

The Iranian pilgrims also bring earnings from Saudi Arabia 1-2 billion USD.

With the ban on, can influence economically for the religious tourism industry of Saudi Arabia, which can benefit in revenue of about 18 billion dollars from about 600,000 Iranian pilgrims each year.

Under the ban, all Muslim citizens of Iran will be banned the pilgrimage of Mecca. Muslims often pilgrims at least once in the lifetime of Mecca.

In the past days, the tension between the two countries have constantly escalated. Saudi Arabia and Iran have severed diplomatic relations. Many Iranians protested the execution of clergy attacked and fire to Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the capital Tehran. On January 7, Tehran also accused the Saudi Arabia attack on Iranian Embassy in Yemen.

The most recent times, Iran has banned citizens pilgrimage of Mecca was in 1987 after nearly 400 Iranian pilgrims have been Saudi Arabia’s police shooting death.

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