Israel attacks Syria – Why does Russia thank you?

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the Israeli counterattack on 26 July on the positions of ISIS in Syria destroyed the terrorist force and destroyed their missile launchers.

The Russian Ministry of Defense on whether or not a raid on the territory of Israel on 25 July was launched from the positions of the Islamic State organisation himself (ISIS), that Israel then opened the counterattack and destroyed the rocket catapults of the terrorist I’m in Quneitra, Syria.

Israel attacks SyriaThe Russian Ministry of Defense also expressed a touch to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for the counterattack. “The command of the Russian military forces used the current communications channels to thank the IDF leadership who destroyed the terrorist and prevented a large-scale provocative” – the Russian Ministry of Defense said in an announcement.

According to information from the Russian army in Syria, the terrorist group ISIS on the night of 25 July attempted to fool the Israeli army to attack the Syrian army’s positions by being a jet cannon into the Israeli territory. “The exact attack was made by jet and the Israel Defense Forces ‘ army to destroy the terror elements ISIS and destroy their rocket launcher”-according to the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Commander of the Russian Task Force in Syria used its own communications channel to send thanks to the IDF for support of the Damascus administration during the destruction of terrorism.

Prior to this, the IDF’s media channel introduced the Israeli military news that destroyed a missile system in Syria, after the discovery of the two missiles aimed at Israel.

The incident that only a few days of Israel shot down Syria’s Su-22 fighter after forcing the aircraft to penetrate a mile on the Israeli airspace.

Damascus rejected the allegations, affirming the Su-22 aircraft to be shot down by Israel in the campaign to kill terrorism within the Syrian territory.

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