Israel continued air strikes Damascus, Buk-M2 of Syria where?

Israel continued air strikes Damascus, Buk-M2 of Syria where?In addition to Russia’s S-400, mesh fire in the sky of Syria is also an “assassin” extremely aggressive is Buk-M2.

According to the Syrian human rights monitoring organization (SOHR), on the night of February 17 Israeli aircraft again raided a military arsenal of the Syrian army in the South of Damascus. Does not have information about casualties or damage after the attack.

So this was the third air strikes by Israel in Damascus within 3 months and the last time, their plane back out into safe as possible no person.

The question why Russia’s S-400 system back to project real soldiers, many controversies, including the assumptions between the two countries existed the Treaty not to harm each other.

However in addition to S-400 mesh, fire in the sky of Syria is also an extremely powerful Assassin is Buk-M2, Syria has received a total of 48 launchers of surface-to-air missile, the modern from 2011 and start deploying from 2012.

Self-propelled Launcher Buk-M2E (TELAR) of Syria

Although the shorter range S-400 but Buk-M2E also have very high combat capability, capable of destroying both the stealth aircraft if reached the Department in its protection.

In the case of deploying around Damascus, Buk-M2E also only create air defense umbrella was dependable. But through three Israeli air force attacks, this system remained “invisible”.

Other than Russia, Syrian troops and Hezbollah forces in the hostile world, is destroyed by Israeli aircraft, so they are unable to turn a blind eye to the free kick himself.

The first attack, the second is even also can Institute the reason is surprised, but to enable the air strikes Tuesday that Syrian air defenses still don’t see fighting back, the result is hard to understand.

The system of the Pechora-2 m anti-aircraft missile of the Syrian army

In addition to Buk-M2E, in Syria also include other mobile systems such as the Pechora-2 m, Pantsir-S1E or SA-6 Kub … Not press releases but easy to predict that they’re arranged floor layer around Damascus.

The air defense missile on were on the payroll long Syrian army should make sure they had very strong operating rules, explained that the judgment binh real estate because the soldiers have yet to know how the controls will not persuasive enough.

Need to reiterate the earlier that a senior Syrian officer also declared: “we will shoot down the airplanes without giving prior warning”. This demonstrates the Syrian air defense force has entered the high combat ready status.

But again the Israeli planes made two sorties finalist and retreat to safety as are picnic without encountering any obstacles. That consolidation for the identification of “the Israeli air force is the world’s best forces” of the country’s President, Mr. Shimon Peres.

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