Military comments: Future MiG-35 will become shields of steel protected Vietnam

The Russian expert Alexei Syunnerberg continues the series on Vietnam air force with the presence of top fighters Su-30MK2 and probably both the MiG-35.

In the Vietnam air force payroll in the different stages was present at the battle of the Soviet Union and Russia. In the years 1953-1991, Moscow provided for Hanoi more than 1500 combat aircraft and helicopter 620, in which two of the most famous aircraft of the MiG-17 and MiG-21.

By the help of the Soviet Union, even during the war to save the country, the Vietnam pilot shot down American aircraft is 350. On average, in the years of the war, each military aircraft of Vietnam was with 2.3 U.S. aircraft.

In which is the hero of the NguyenVanCoc air force shot down American aircraft, 9 MaiVanCuong and NguyrnHongNhi are both down 8 aircraft. Military pilots and astronauts is also the universe PhamTuan of Vietnam used the MiG-21 aircraft to shoot down the “Flying Fortress” B-52 the skies over Hanoi.

Along with the time of aircraft Su-24 and Su-27 has replaced the MiG-17, MiG-19.

According to the rankings of the Global Firepower 2016, currently 3/4 fighter squadron of the air force Vietnam is the aircraft produced in Russia. And in helicopter squadron of the Vietnam people’s army also mainly helicopters of Russia.

Today, the characteristics and the trend of development of the era are set out the new mission, and to solve them must have the type of military equipment-expert Igor Korotchenko Trade Analysis Center’s weapon in the world said.

Vietnam continues to put faith in Russia

Mr. Korotchenko emphasis, in recent years, Vietnam Air Force has put trust in Russia’s Su-30MK2 aircraft. With three large contracts, the Vietnam people’s air force received 32 aircraft.

3/4 fighter in the Vietnam air force payroll is of Russia
3/4 fighter in the Vietnam air force payroll is of Russia

“Su” and “MiG” by two leading manufacturers of Russia’s Sukhoi and Mikoyan has different specifications. MIG is a tactical fighter, while light is heavy fighter and has a larger combat radius.

“Su-30MK2” is a versatile combat aircraft of similar quality, with the same type of foreign aircraft, about some characteristics also have the ability to Excel.

The technical parameter of Su-30MK2 as follows: aircraft length 22 metres, a wingspan of nearly 15 m. The maximum takeoff weight is 34.5 tons. The highest range up to more than 17 km, the maximum speed on large high is 2,100 km/hour. Flying distance do not need fuel reached about 3000 km across.

Sukhoi aircraft to be equipped with more powerful bombs and missiles, the aircraft of the MiG series. The aircraft carries up to 8 tons of bombs and missiles, it has a 30 mm guns for use in close combat.

In addition to conventional weapons, the aircraft are equipped with long range anti-ship missile can solve the task of attacking targets on the sea.

This is especially important in the environment of Sea Island dispute and the continental shelf. It is clear that Vietnam has selected Su fighter aircraft due to the fact that this perfect, can help the country achieve the objective today is to protect national interests.

The MiG-35 is heavy candidates replace MiG-21

Military officials and Russian experts at the Moscow air show fair noted that the 4th generation fighter, the MiG-35 is the leading candidates to replace about 150 MiG-21 light fighter was ageing and expiring use Vietnam air force.

The price of the Su-35 is also only half the fight with Western engines, the aircraft is also very “friendly” with Vietnam, which pilots have experienced and preferred the Russian aircraft.

However, the parameters are lower than the plane Su but the experts of the Mikoyan MiG-35 has been turned into a multipurpose attack aircraft have the ability to control and destroy the effectiveness of the targets on the ground and, not at all.

Su and MiG aircraft of the new generation of missile-equipped advanced short range Vympel R-73 (NATO AA-11 Archer). The missile has a launch weight of 100 kg, speed up to 2,500 km/hour and destroy all targets at altitudes of up to 20 km.

The Russian aircraft could also be fitted with air-to-surface missiles X-59 (Kh-59) with first order. In terms of sea level 6, the range of the missiles against targets such as cruisers, Destroyers, is 285 km, smaller size targets such as corvettes, jet boat is 145 km.

The probability of hit the target size as large as cruisers, Destroyers, is about 90%, frigates, speedboats, yachts from 70 to 93%. A missile is enough to destroy small-sized target at about 1000-2000 tons. The two missiles are enough to destroy the destroyers or cruisers.

The helicopter and fighter of the Vietnam air force due to the Russians produced with X-35 missiles (Kh-35) Uran. Subsonic weapons with 500 to 600 kg launch weight, designed to destroy the ship with 5,000 tons displacement volume up to 300 km.

According to Russian experts, the MiG-35 is the leading candidates to replace MiG-21

Vietnam defense cooperation with Russia and India

Recently, Vietnam Air Force received from Russia the system automatic guidance equipment and land for the military airport. This system allows identification of planes, leading the aircraft to the specified location and held the 24-hour landing requires the permanent presence of air traffic personnel.

Lieutenant General LePhucNguyen, former editor of the people’s army newspaper said, the military-technical cooperation of Russia-Vietnam is developing well. Russia is continuing the fine traditions from the Soviet period of military technical cooperation with Vietnam, helping Vietnam strengthen defense consolidation.

Through this partnership, Vietnam has a great opportunity to strengthen the potential of national defense to protect the country. The Russian contracts to sell weapons to Vietnam made in full and on schedule. Russia has always been a reliable partner of Vietnam.

Expert Igor Korotchenko added that, at the request of the Government of Vietnam, India has agreed to help train pilots for the aircraft S-30MK2 Vietnam air force, on the same line as the Su-30MK is the air force’s Su-30MKI.

Expert Igor Korotchenko explained that, first of all, Vietnam and India closer together. Climate conditions that the pilots flying Vietnam also closer to India than to Russia. And the most important thing is that India has a large volume of Su-30MKI fighters. Indian pilots have completely mastered them.

Add a storage due to cooperation of India becoming more deeply is 2 countries have common concern is China. New Dehli has a complex relationship with Beijing. To help Vietnam develop combat potential, India also solve the problem of consolidation of its national security.

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