North Korea did not have enough money to pay the cost of meeting the American and North Korean Summit

Not the kernel, this is the problem of “headache” for U.S and North Korea Summit, one of the logistics of preparing for the historic meeting in Singapore on June 12 here, has yet to be resolved.

In Singapore, the U.S. and North Korean workers are rushing to prepare for the Summit was most looking forward to in the year between the President of Donald Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

Among the oodles of logistic problems to be solved, a the question is, who will pay for the hotel room in which Mr. Kim will stay.

According to the Washington Post, Pyongyang demanded a certain country must be responsible for the cost of the North Korean leader in time in Singapore. And “made” the North Korean delegation is Fullerton, a lavish 5 star hotel, neoclassical architecture is situated on the banks of the Singapore River, with the Bill for a night in the presidential suite can be up to more than 6,000 US dollars.

Last week, the President of Trump declared the cancellation of meetings with Kim because of the “hostile” attitude from North Korea. However, a series of diplomatic activity accelerated in both continents have “rescue” for the fate of the Conference, when today (June 1), the head of the United States events, statement on June 12 here will still take place as planned.

The Washington Post lead back to two anonymous source said, the U.S. is willing to pay for the cost of the North Korean delegation’s hotel. However, Washington fears that Pyongyang could consider this to be an act of humiliation. So, the American makers are considering asking the host nation Singapore pay for bills “Burns”.

Recall the 2018 Winter Olympics, South Korea also has spent 2.6 million dollars for the cost of a cheerleader, an art group and the other members of the North Korean delegation to PyeongChang. The International Olympic Committee also paid for 22 North Korean athletes competed at the Olympics.

In 2014, the Director of u.s. National Intelligence Agency at the time, said James r. Clapper Jr. had trips to North Korea. Former intelligence officials said, the host country had treated him “a hearty North Korean meal consisting of 12 homemade” but insists on getting him to pay.

“These regulations are set out at the beginning of the year 2000 when the so-called ‘ Sun ‘ policy of Seoul began to take effect,” Sung-Yoon Lee, an expert on North Korea at two Tufts University, said. “North Korea can develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, but claimed they were too poor to pay the costs of foreign travel”.

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