North Korea ordered the evacuation of 600,000 people from Pyongyang

According to an anonymous source on April 10, said the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un has recently directed the emergency evacuation of about 600,000 people Pyongyang out of the suburbs.

This figure accounted for 1/4 of the total population is currently about 2.6 million people of Pyongyang is unclear, however, when the number of people who will be forced to evacuate and relocate to where.

The source revealed: “The population control is the reason given this latest directive. However, in practice, the purpose (of the evacuation order) is “purifying” the capital of North Korea and allow only the elites loyal was living in the capital. ”

Among the people that North Korean officials chose to evacuate those that their relatives defect to South Korea, was detained in a prison, or breach of other sins. Currently the Ministry of national security and the people’s safety agency is checking the profile of those who will have to evacuate.

In relation to this issue, the English version of the website Pravda (Russia) on April 12, also believes North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered 25% of residents living in Pyongyang must leave the city immediately.

The source quoted world experts that this evacuation order largely conducted by escalating tensions with the United States, Pyongyang’s bomb shelter will not toạn enough for the residents of Pyongyang residents.

Thus, 600,000 people, mostly those who have criminal, will be leaving the capital to make room for the others stay in the bomb.

The experts said that the tension could escalate after on 15 April, when North Korea might conduct a test intercontinental ballistic missile again./.

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