North Korean beauty group “landed” to South Korea

The officials and the North Korean cheering squad consists of 280 people who had come to South Korea on 7 February to prepare to attend the Winter Olympics take place then.

Reuters quoted South Korean Unification Ministry said the North Korean delegation to the border checkpoint at bus 0 hour 30 minutes (hours GMT).

Besides cheerleaders, North Korea also sent 26 athletes in Taekwondo, 21 journalists and Olympic Committee members-including Sports Minister Kim Il-guk-to attend the Olympics.

After filling in at security checkpoints, the North Korean delegation has departed to Pyeongchang, a resort town in South Korea.

Earlier that day, a North Korean ship carrying 140 members of the band also to South Korea to perform at the Olympics. When just arrived, North Korea asked South Korean authorities for refueling ships.

Korea almost no domestic oil production that often fuel imports from China and Russia, in the context of Washington’s call for strong cuts in energy supplies to Pyongyang to punish.

North Korean band scheduled to perform at Gangneung, Pyeongchang, close on 8-2 and in the capital Seoul on 11 February.

The North Korean delegation will be to arrange accommodation in a resort-luxury hotel in Inje, Speedium Olympic venue about 2 hours drive.

Workers at Inje Speedium before John banners welcoming North Korean delegation with the slogan: “we are one” and “Welcome”. Police also were deployed to ensure security at the resort.

Members of the North Korean Olympic Committee is expected to stay at Pyeongchang, a branch of the Holiday Inn hotel chain InterContinental Hotels Group.

Video North Korean beauty group “landed” to South Korea

During their stay in South Korea, Taekwondo athletes delegation of North Korea will hold 4 gig-2 evening near Pyeongchang and 2 evening in Seoul.

Same day 7 February, U.s. Vice President Mike Pence visited a missile-defense system Patriot PAC-3-the last defense line of Japan against any missile launch would North Korea-in Tokyo on his way to the Olympics Winter in South Korea.

Mr. Pence appeared with Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera of Japan and the most senior military officer of Japan, Admiral Katsutoshi Kawano.

He will meet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Pence the day 7 February to discuss security ties between the U.S. and Japan stout in the context of the nuclear program and North Korea’s missile threat to the international community.

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