North Korean peninsula are preparing the war

On April 14, the Foreign Minister of China Wang Conference warned of the risk of “a conflict could occur at any time in North Korean peninsula.” Meanwhile, major media companies in the world are in turn upload the dynamics to be the preparation of both North Korea, South Korea, the U.S. and Japan.

In the joint press conference with peers of France Jean-Marc Ayrault in the capital Beijing, he United Kingdom Conference warned, there will be no victory in the war on North Korea and other parties to instigate conflict “will pay the price”. Therefore, China’s Foreign Minister asserted that dialogue is the only solution to the problem of North Korea.

At the same time, he United Kingdom Conference also stressed the necessity of avoiding bringing the situation on the Korean peninsula to take the trend cannot be reversed.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un officials. Photo: Reuters
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un officials. Photo: Reuters

Meanwhile, the AP said, tension in the region is growing due to have information that North Korea may 6th nuclear test or launching ballistic missiles 105-year celebration of the birthday of President Kim Il-Sung (15 April), also known as the “Day of the Sun”.

Evidence for this is suspected by Western intelligence has obtained some photos taken on the beach area in Punggye nuclear test-ri of North Korea shows the activity at this trial.

Add to that the constant presence of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in some pretty sensitive events such as the inaugural ceremonies, the new quarter Ryomyong quarter for scientists in the capital Pyongyang on April 13 and military exercises by the task force in the North Korean people’s Army (KPA) in progress , including rehearsal operations parachuting from the light transport aircraft and “to blow up targets in the enemy” …

Because of the concern of this risk, the US announced a battle group led by aircraft carrier USS Carlson led the North Korean peninsula and review “the military option” for dealing with Pyongyang’s weapons program. Two other Destroyers are capable of launching Tomahawk cruise missiles also were present in the area , a North Korean nuclear test near 500 km.

Us air force then continued to take the plane “nuclear hunt” WC-135 to Kadena air base in Okinawa Prefecture of Japan and maneuver the heavy bombers to Guam.

American President Donald Trump also claims, the United States was willing himself settling nuclear crisis in the Korean peninsula which when necessary without China. Some senior intelligence officials of the United States of America, the disclosure, if Washington had enough compelling evidence that Pyongyang will surely try this water then nuclear will blow out the top coating.

In response to the U.S. move, North Korea warned will deploy a nuclear attack on America if Washington continues to have these provocative actions.

North Korea’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper quoted the spokesman’s statement as follows: “military forces of revolution we are observing each step of the hostile forces, in which the range of our kernel is especially focused on the invasion of America not only in Korea but also in the Pacific area and right on American soil”.

In an interview with CNN on April 11, the North Korean representative also reiterated that the main situation worse, currently making Pyongyang needs to prove more likely to defend and attack with its core system is the kernel.

On April 13, the spokesperson of the Peace Research Institute and the weapon directly under the North Korean Foreign Ministry also stressed, Washington is pushing the security situation in the Korean peninsula to the brink of a nuclear war “by deploying more strategic nuclear weapons to the region.

Most recently, on April 14, when the AP interview in Pyongyang, the North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Han Song Ryol also said that the situation on the Korean peninsula are falling into an “intense spiral” and that the U.S. President “is causing trouble with aggressive statements on the social network Twitter”. Mr. Han confirmed, North Korea will proceed to the next nuclear test when the country’s leadership feels right …

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