Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, President Trump has light barrels of explosives in Middle East

Many countries in the Middle East and the Arab world simultaneously warn the President Trump is expected to announced Jerusalem is Israel’s capital will cause wave of new violence in the region.

The White House on 5 December, 2017 (local time) notice said President Donald Trump has exchanged with five Middle Eastern countries leaders on “the decision regarding the issue of Jerusalem”.

During the call, President of Trump also confirmed with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Jordanian King Abdullah, King of Saudi Arabia and Egyptian President Salman Abdel Fattah al-Sisi about America’s commitment in promoting talks Justices of the peace in Israel-Palestine.

President Trump stated the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel 6 December, 2017. Photo: AFP.
President Trump stated the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel 6 December, 2017. Photo: AFP.

He expected Trump will soon official statement on 6 December, 2017 (USA). However, the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the headquarters of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the sanctuary not only break through decades of policy of America but also of the risk of crisis and instigate violence wave New in the Middle East.

The origin of conflict

The issue of Jerusalem is at the heart of persistent conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. As if Israel received the support of the United States of America, the Palestinians received the support of the whole of the rest of the Arab and Muslim world.

The city of Jerusalem, particularly East Jerusalem, is the gathering of many sacred places with 3 religion: Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Jordan once occupied East Jerusalem, but then the administration fell at the hands of the Israeli Government after the Middle East war between Israel and the Arab world in 1967. Since then, Israel views the whole city as its capital could not separate them.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of their own future State. Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement in 1993 stressed the final regulation of the city will be discussed in the final stage of the peace talks.

However, Israel’s sovereignty with Jerusalem has never been acknowledged by the international community; Although the majority of Israel’s headquarters include the Parliament, the Presidential Palace, the Office of the Prime Minister and the ministries are located in Jerusalem. All countries, including the United States, are located the Embassy in Tel Aviv.

However, Israel still proceeded to build dozens of resettlement work accommodation for about 200,000 Jews in East Jerusalem. Of course, this is illegal action when based on international law.

Break the policy of the United States of America

In 1995, the U.S. Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, calling on Washington to move the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, thereby recognizing the city as Israel’s capital. In theory, the Act of forcing the Government to accept.

In fact, a clause in the law allows the President to delay the enforcement for every 6 months “in the interests of national security”. The President of America include Bill Clinton, George w. Bush and Barack Obama signed the ratification act deferred over a period of 6 months.

For the United States, the consequences from the recognition of Jerusalem including obstructing the Middle East peace talks recovery; blow to opposition areas makes the soldiers and American diplomatic officials here fall into danger; reach for the propagandist campaign of the rebel group and Iran.

The Islamic militant groups such as Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas movement have long make use of the sensitivity of the Islamic community with the Jerusalem issue to incite against Israel and against the spirit of America in the region.

Though Mr. Trump has insisted since the election campaign is going to put the American Embassy to Jerusalem, he is reluctant to delay the first this June. Half a year has passed, the incumbent President indicates he does not want to prolong this anymore and need to shake hands.

The risk of violence in the Middle East

White House sources said the President intended to Trump publicly declaring Jerusalem is the capital of Israel; However delay the Embassy move.

All these Middle East leaders got a call from Mr. Trump, except that the Israeli Prime Minister, are all together this unilateral step warning of America will make the train derailed peace efforts for years, at the same time cause violent shocks.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas not only warned of “dangerous consequences for peace, security and regional stability,” but also asked Pope Francis and the heads of Russia, France and Jordan the same intervention.

The Palestinian leader even called for “3 days of rage” in protest of America’s intentions. The serious work that the U.S. State Department travel warning issued right to the West Bank and the old city in Jerusalem.

The Jordanian monarch Salman then emphasized with the President of Trump that any announcement about the status of Jerusalem “will blow the fire with all the Muslims across the world”.

The President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan despite not being Mr. Trump discuss the issue of Jerusalem also warned will sever diplomatic ties with Israel if the U.S. determined action. “Recognition of Jerusalem is the main pass every boundaries are Red Lizard”, he said.

However, Israel’s Intelligence Minister, says Israel Katz, insisted: “we’ve prepared for all situations, including dealing with the wave of violence if President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. And if Abbas leading in this violence, it would be the biggest mistake of him “.

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