Recur in the Korean war, the United States could not protect the people of South Korea-Japan

If America intend to military attack on North Korea, the country that may cause harm to both giants of South Korea and Japan, as well as U.s. bases in the area.

One of the reasons the U.S. Government previously had no strong measures against North Korea was because they fear the country could be launched so many weapons there wreaking destruction if war happens. Meanwhile, the people of South Korea and Japan will have to suffer wreaking.

North Korea's Rodong missiles in a parade.
North Korea’s Rodong missiles in a parade.

“If a war happens, America will not be able to do anything to prevent the huge damage can happen with South Korea and Japan,” said Vasily Kashin, a Russian researcher said. “It will be a humanitarian catastrophe and a major earthquake for the global economy. In South Korea are approximately 24 to 25 nuclear reactors, while North Korea has hundreds of types of missiles can destroy this important facility “.

North Korea’s missiles could hit most of South Korea and Japan, and many people believe that this water also can wear weapons missile defense system of America in the region. Mr. Jeffrey Lewis, a researcher in the Institute of international studies in Monterey, California, Middlebury (United States of America) said that North Korea possesses “2000 short-range missile launchers can launch missiles KN-02, Scud and Nodong”.

Version improved Scud missiles have a range of about 1,000 km, while the Nodong missiles that can shoot up to 1,200 km away targets. Mr. Lewis said, despite North Korean missile has a number of techniques, but the number of them was enough to cause major damage to Japan, North Korea is currently focused on the development of a large number of missiles Scud. “Improved Scud missiles that cost cheaper than the Nodong, so North Korea will be able to manufacture large numbers of missiles,” Mr. Lewis said.

In addition, in the case of war occur, North Korea will probably use nuclear weapons to compensate for the weakness of the other corps. Compared to the U.S. and allied countries in the region, the North Korean army was not well equipped with nuclear weapons, so it has a very important role. “If war broke out, North Korea would use nuclear weapons to destroy the U.S. military in South Korea and Japan,” Mr. Lewis said.

We still don’t know the number of nuclear weapons that the North Koreans are, however the country possesses nuclear warheads is real. Although many people do not believe Pyongyang could shrink nuclear warhead for missiles, says Lewis confirmed North Korea is grasped in the hands of this technology. “I believe that the fifth nuclear test is intended to determine the characteristics of the warhead for a missile,” Mr Lewis said.

The number of nuclear warheads that North Korea has in hand, much speculation was made. “It is difficult to answer this question the bridge. Estimates will range from 10 to 100 warheads “.

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