Relationship many ups and downs between Iran-Saudi Arabia

On January 3, 2016, Saudi Arabia declared to sever diplomatic ties with Iran after the country’s Embassy in Tehran University were attacking protestors. This is considered pretty serious tension between the two countries, but within 20 years, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran have had many ups and downs, when warm, when the icy again.

Embassy attacks in Saudi Arabia derived from the discontent of the people of Iran ahead of a decision on the execution of Shi’ite Muslims cleric Nimr al-Nimr, a key figure in the wave of demonstrations in 2011 in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah to welcome Iranian President Khatami in 1999.
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah to welcome Iranian President Khatami in 1999.

1987 – Disagreement

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran had stress levels peak in July 1987 when 402 pilgrims including 275 Iranian citizens killed in Mecca.

After the incident on, protesters tore through the streets of Tehran, and then point to the Saudi Embassy. After the Mousa’ad al-Ghamdi, a Saudi diplomat who was killed by wounds caused by falling from a window of the Embassy, Riyadh accuses Tehran has ignored and the delay in bringing Mr. al-Ghamdi to hospital to timely emergency.

From April 1988, tensions between the two countries are to do subside.

1999 – Friendly

The King Fahd to appreciate and celebrate the victory of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami in the 2001 elections. Mr. Khatami is the Shi’ite Islamic clergy, he attempted to thaw relations with Saudi Arabia after long time not warm salty since the Islamic revolution of Iran in 1979.

Before that, in 1999, Mr. Khatami is the first Iranian President to visit Saudi Arabia since the 1979 revolution. Besides, the two countries also through the collective security treaty in April 2001.

2003 – Opponents

The overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, he has created conditions for the Shi’ite Muslims hold a more important role in the Government. Therefore, the relationship between Iraq and Iran began many changes, this apparently is not a good signal for Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the nuclear program of Iran as causing deep concerns that Saudi Arabia Tehran, under the leadership of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are to rise to become the major power in the Gulf region at the same time raising the status of the Shi’ite minority.

Saudi Arabia once flatly declared with an Iranian delegation in January 2007 that Tehran is latest Gulf region to dangers due to the country’s confrontation with the United States as well as the country’s nuclear program.

2011 – Arab spring

Saudi Arabia each sent troops to support Bahrain suppressing protesters just because of fears that most of the Shi’ite Muslims here will ally with Iran.

Wikileaks unleashed America’s secret documents showed that the leaders of Saudi Arabia, including the King Abdullah each called for America to have tough action over Iran’s nuclear program, possibly even using both military force.

2012 – Mutual accusations

Saudi Arabia supported rebel forces against President Bashar al-Assad in Syria while Iran has always expressed the stance in favour of this leader. Therefore, the allegations up Tehran Riyadh is against the back for “terrorism”.

To March 2015, Saudi Arabia deployed military campaign in Yemen-Houthi rebels to stop here at the same time accused Iran stands behind Houthi. Tehran also back up for that air strikes by Saudi Arabia in Yemen have caused much damage to the lives of innocent people.

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