Rules of the game in the Middle East: only Saudi Arabia bought new S-400 missile system of Russia

With the power of S-400 systems may change the balance in the Middle East. However, only Saudi Arabia was approached with the S-400, while Qatar is not purchased.

Get the Jpost newspaper came after King Salman of Saudi Arabia bluntly vowed to strike if Qatar buying defense systems S-400.

“I feel deeply concerned about the negotiations between Moscow and Doha, the Qatar deployed S-400 missiles that can threaten the security of our airspace.

If this happens, the Saudi Arab is ready to do everything to disable this system, including the use of military measures “, Salman claims.

The S-400 system opened fire.
The S-400 system opened fire.

The tough attitude of Saudi Arabia was given after the 1/2018 month, Qatari Ambassador in Russia Fahad bin Mohammed al-Attiyah revealed that this country and Russia is in talks to buy the S-400 air defense system of Russia.

Mr Attiyah said an agreement on military cooperation that the two countries have signed since October 10/2017 when Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited Qatar “has opened up opportunities for the two countries to coordinate with each other in the military field , which includes providing equipment, skills training for soldiers and officers, maintenance of weapons types and cooperation between intelligence agencies “.

Though not yet to know the progress of the negotiations between Russia and Qatar on trade of service S-400 present but according to Jpost, only with claims on, Saudi Arabia for himself the right to approach any weapon if desired while it Qatar is not allowed to do that.

According to this source, almost at the same time Qatar claimed to have received positive signals from Russia about the affair of the S-400, Saudi Arabia also publicly said completing the last preparation for the formal contract to buy anti-aircraft missile system of Moscow despite America’s effort to prevent.

This fact was Jpost quoted Dr. Carlo Kopp-one of the world’s leading experts in the field of aerospace America said, the Pentagon did nothing when prevented Saudi Arabia bought S-400 system and the reason Saudi Arabia decided to purchase with be This prompted the American weapons systems.

Carlo Kopp said, shortly before Russia announced officially signed a contract with Saudi Arabia, the US House voted through a Bill to allow families of victims of terrorism to sue Saudia Government 11/9 about the loss that they suffered.

The Bill “Justice against terror action protection ” (JASTA), was unanimously passed in the lower House. This treatise was also expected the U.S. Senate passed earlier.

This specialist unit for that, the US House are the main users of this draft law to increase the pressure with the White House in punishing Saudi Arabia due to the purchase of Russian weapons as well as having the tough policy with regard to Moscow. However, the Bill was passed, but American business S-400 still to be signed.

By Carlo Kopp, there are many reasons why Saudi Arabia decided to buy the S-400 is not the American THAAD. In that, due to the Russian air defense system equipped with radar group (RLS) target aim to destroy the modern stealth aircraft like the F-22 and F-35.

This equipment operates in a broad frequency range, including the very high frequency and ultra high, allowing them to detect fighter stealth technology owned Stels. The basic point of this technology is the stealth principles before the high frequency radar as X, often used in military or civilian institutions.

Gradually, the entire missile defense system of America and its allies, primarily operating in the X-band, will become obsolete, because China and Russia are actively developing the technology of low vision in the construction out of the aircraft and the name the new fire.

Not only that, Russia has had a breakthrough when providing weapons to some of the NATO countries have a future indeterminacy in blocks (Greece, Turkey) and the countries that have good relations with the United States such as Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries like UAE.

Carlo Kopp, said that Russia breakthrough also important technically. Currently, the U.S. does not have the system really competitors with S-400 and Washington are deliberately showed no little worried when this system is growing around the world.

This fact has been Dr. Carlo Kopp admitted: “Unfortunately, but now it was too late to do anything when the killers with American weapons are present all over the place”. And while the American military seems to let go down the then Saudi Arabia does not accept this fact when set against Qatar reach the S-400.

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