Russia claims the weapons makes Tomahawk missile missing

Not only owns system can beat the Tomahawk missile, the Russian also owns many systems electronic warfare may make Tomahawk missing.

Exclusive goods of Russia

Answered the newspaper Izvestia on April 15, a Russian military scientists participate in developing electronic warfare system (anonymous) revealed, Russia is testing a system intended to tackle the cruise missile.

” This is based on new physical principles, but I have not been able to provide detailed information about how the active weapon. I can only say that the new system could potentially disable fully electronic system of missiles such as the Tomahawk ”, the expert asserted.

Military scientist anonymity warned, Tomahawk missiles is a very complex objectives. He adds, in addition to Russia out yet which country in the world to have effective missile interception system Tomahawk effectively 100%.

” Other countries do not yet have electronic warfare systems likely to divert or disable the operation of the Tomahawk missile ”, he analyzed.

The image is said of the Tomahawk missile in Syria
The image is said of the Tomahawk missile in Syria

So, if the new system including that military scientists has just mentioned, the Russians are in possession of no less a weapon capable of disabling a Tomahawk.

Earlier, veteran Gordon Duff at the same time as the Veteran page editor Today said. The Tomahawk missiles was found intact proved they do not clown was intercepted by anti-aircraft missile.

By Gordon Duff, who we’ve found 5 Tomahawk missiles fell around the area of the airport Shayrat and Tartus. The remaining 36 in total result was missing had fallen when flying over the sea.

Veteran page Today for that, can the number of missiles was Russia interfering with electronic countermeasures Khibiny fitted on aircraft or Krasukha-4 system was deployed in the area near to Tartus and Shayrat right from October 2015-the time of Russia’s new military campaign launching terrorist attacks in Syria.

 Tomahawk fall all over the place in Syria

Tomahawk fall all over the place in Syria

According to the information that is publicly available, the Russian Krasukha-4 system capable of dealing with many different types of goals such as unmanned planes, fighters, the enemy radar, the missile … and Lakross reconnaissance satellite radar.

With the possibility of Krasukha-4, this electronic system can completely is the culprit made attack counter-measures TERCOM guidance system makes Tomahawk disoriented and is disabled when Shayrat attack.

When the Tomahawk approaching the coast of Tartus area, due complicated terrain should the sensors of TERCOM was activated, including the height measuring device. Radio waves of the device will be detected and reconnaissance systems perched.

And when the missiles to reach the combat range, the complex electronic equipment, such as Krasukha-4 on the ground or carried by Russian attack Khibiny counter-measures, destroying activity of NAVSTAR and height measuring device of the Tomahawk.

And probably, this is the cause of half the American Tomahawk missile attack on the base on 7 April Shayrat has been disabled. There are reviews on electronic media, so in case the antagonist?

Etched of Tomahawk’s

In an interview with the newspaper Izvestia 15/4 day Russian military scientists also refers to the system of anti-aircraft guns cum short-range surface-to-air Pansir/high production by Russia. According to him, this is the most useful equipment to combat Tomahawk missile of the United States of America.

” Tests showed combinations of Pansir highly effective in destroying targets like (Tomahawk-PV) ‘ ‘, the expert stressed.

Pantsir-S1 systems online at Hmeymim.
Pantsir-S1 systems online at Hmeymim.

In addition to the combination Pansir that the Russian military scientists mentioned above, Moscow also owns a weapons-S-400. To perform effective technique in low altitude targets like the Tomahawk, the S-400 was 96L6E radar.

This type of radar is to combine both high and low capture feature.

Look at radar operates at frequency 96L6E ring C, the processor may make the jump frequency for high noise resistance and distinguish the target in cluttered environment.

In addition, the design of phased array antenna can drive the mechanical beam in azimuth electronic Beam steering and altitude. 96L6E discovered the flying objects filled with 3 parameters (distance, and altitude).

Advantages of the 96L6E is the ability to catch low and very low, this is an important feature in detecting tactical ballistic missiles-campaign. In low mode, the target speed limits from 30 to 1,200 m/s.

Besides, there are also specialized mode 96L6E looking at low altitude with the overarching capacity 3600 within 6 seconds, the azimuth from-3-1.50. In this mode, the target speed limit from 50 to 2,800 m/s. 96L6E Radar has the ability to detect 100 targets at the same time, maximum range 300 km.

The entire antenna, the control room mounted on truck chassis MZKT-7930 have high maneuverability. Combat deployment time and recovered within just 5 minutes, this is a key requirement in the “shoot-run” to avoid the enemy responded.

With the ability of the 96L6E radar, then this is the effective tool for early detection of threats from cruise missiles and tactical ballistic missiles-campaign and Tomahawk is one of them.

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