Russia has common interests with Taliban in the fight against the Islamic State (IS)

A Russian official on December 23 said, the country has exchanged information with Taliban Organization movement against the expansion of the Islamic State Organization (IS).

Russia has common interests with the Taliban in the fight against the Islamic State (IS)Mr. Zamir Kabulov, a Special Envoy of President Vladimir Putin on the issue of Afghanistan, said the Taliban and Russia have common interests in fighting IS. “I have said earlier that the Russians and the Taliban have the channels to exchange information with each other,” Mr. Kabulov said.

According to Mr Kabulov, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan are said not to recognize IS, as well as the so-called Islamic Empire where they want to establish.

On the week, the Taliban in Afghanistan will send message “task force” to fight against the Islamic State (IS).

Ms. Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, then confirm the information, but insisted the only common interest between Russia and the Taliban is battling Islamic State (IS).

Ms. Zakharova also confirmed the relationship between Russia and the Taliban restrictions: “no back, meetings that simply sharing information”. In addition, Russia still maintains the sanctions of the UN Security Council against the Taliban and don’t have any other support for this group. However, the spokesman refused to disclose the information Russia shares with the Taliban.

Notably the Moscow in more than one episode past constantly view the Taliban as a threat of terrorism and the graphic potential destabilizing to the country. Moreover, the Taliban are also listed in the terrorist list of the Russian Government with Islamic State (IS). Does what no other Islamic State (IS), the Taliban is known to the public execution of barbarian and impose Islamic law in the territories which they occupied.

Also according to Mr Kabulov, Russia is ready to supply weapons to Afghanistan but will do it with caution and based on commercial basis. Of this weapon can be used against the Taliban after the rebels group has just conducted the attack aimed at a strategically important area in Helmand province.

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