Saudi Arabia and Iran will plunge into the fight directly?

Saudi Arabia and Iran will plunge into the fight directlyAfter cutting diplomatic relations, perhaps Iran and Saudi Arabia will attack each other indirectly through proxy wars and nurture the rebel wing of the minority in each country.

Since 1979, Iran has continued to provoke a rebellion in the Shiite community in the North (Saudi Arabia) where there’s plenty of crude oil. So far, not riot would harm crude oil fields of Saudi Arabia.

The increasing hostility between Iran and Saudi Arabia will be beneficial for the ISIL. In theory, both countries want to destroy ISIL. This terrorist group wants to beat the Saudi dynasty fall. ISIL also see Shiite people as “heretics”, forcing them to convert to Sunni Islam or be killed.

However, the growing threat from Iran as well the attention of Saudi Arabia and its allies into a local reality-political imperative: ISIL although obnoxious way, does it serve a goal of emergency is cut off communications lines linking Iran, Iraq with the Iranian delegation in Syria and Lebanon.

During the campaign, America long tried ISIL improved relations between Saudi Arabia with the Iraqi Government by the Shiite majority branch. This effort has resulted, when the Saudi Embassy recently opened in Baghdad. But Nimr clergy executions of Saudi Arabia was damaging the effort of the friendly. The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi condemned executions, while former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who still is a character in the power politics of Iraq warned that the executions would “overthrow of the regime of Saudi Arabia”.

Despite the strong leadership, to declare war on Saudi Arabia and Iran all know clearly that a devastating war between the two countries will be very formidable. But when his hostility increases the risk of going on a wrong pay also increases.

Ali Vaez, Iran analyst at the International Crisis Group research organization, said: “it is likely they do not want to block the conflict is frozen into a hot war, and they enhance proxy wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. But when tension up higher, more than ever, they’re taking the risk burden of direct conflict a way accidentally. “

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