States 1: The war of independence of Israel (Jewish State) 1948

David Ben-Gurion-first Prime Minister of Israel
David Ben-Gurion-first Prime Minister of Israel

On May 14, 1948, Britain exhausted force in World War II officially abandoned protection for the Palestinians, after a United Nations resolution on the Division of territory between the Arab and Jewish. Immediately, the Marxist Zionist seized the opportunity of recovery and the establishment of a State of Israel. The Declaration of independence was read in Tel Aviv.

Arab world, not satisfied with the decision of the United Nations established the same time two Jewish and Arab State on the Palestinian territories, was quick to force things with the intention to strangle the nascent State of Israel. On May 15, the regular armed forces of Egypt, Syria, Transjordan (now named Jordan) and Iraq share many of geared into the besieged Tel Aviv to support the Palestinian Arab people.

However, the Arab bloc was not able to devour the new Jewish State. The Israelis fought the best resilience for the nation and their determination proved stronger than the bound loosely with Arab countries internally. The powerful counterattack near Bethlehem, the Jewish army helped turned the tide. The war fighting continued until January 1949 and until July of that year, a new Armistice Agreement achieved.

In fact, the new Israel countries must mobilize the army near the fold 3 (about 40,000-60,000 soldiers) to fighting with Arab armies 21000.

The war was for the newly formed country of West Jerusalem and 20% of the territory (6700 km2) perhaps belong to Muslims in Palestine, according to the Division of the UN. Arab population living within Israel dropped from 700,000 down 165,000. Many people run the refuge when the Jewish army counterattack, by listening to the news of the massacre in Arab villages. At the time, few of them know that they will never return home.

The rest of the Arab territory in Palestine was quickly annexed to the neighbouring countries. Egypt won the right to administer the Gaza Strip and Transjordan (now named Jordan), the majority to the West Coast, including the old city of Jerusalem.

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