Strokes Cold-hearted of Russian to Ukraine

Ukraine does not need to “think 2 times”, as it is clear, by touching the Crimea bridge as Russia responds right and is always sure.

Often, if not completely protected by territorial sovereignty, it is advisable to avoid provocative to further cause that you know the anti-insurable. It’s a comb, art of diamonds, needs…

Ukraine for Russia has happened completely opposite the… Ukraine does not know based on the basis of any resource, which is always provocative Russia and in those times all of Russia’s retaliation makes the risk of “losing all” without a way of coping…

Strokes Cold-hearted of Russian to Ukraine

It seems that Ukraine is based and the US-West to play a desperate gamble with Russia, but unfortunately, the US-West also does not stop the Russians for So, Ukraine carries the body all this time to another time that the US-west… is standing.

Who’s the shooter first?

In the following case, “shooting in front of suicide”, do you want to fire the gun first?

Officers that the Crimean bridge was a headache in the eyes of Ukraine, but it was officially opened in May 2018 and in mid-July 2018, there were millions of motor vehicles on the Crimea.

The Crimean Bridge formally eliminated the land blockade of Ukraine on the peninsula, bringing the main marine supply lines, primarily, previously dependent on the weather is only a secondary solution.

With that sense, naturally, the Crimean bridge “activates” all the destructive ways of Russian enemies, see it as an attractive target…

A well-known American journalism expert and a British Colonel Retirement army visited Ukraine, both “advised” the Ukrainian government that should attack and destroy it…

Social media Ucraina is full of cheering and even promises by a series of cast “volunteer battalions” until the retirement generals about the destructive acts in each stage…

Of course, Russia does not overlook these claims and strengthens the security for the Crimean bridge by every modern medium possible. In particular, FSB has strongly stated that, the independent forces, terrorism… have no chance and the ability to attack damaging the Crimean bridge.

This statement implies that it is clear that only the state-level attackers may be in the form of special operations or an air strike, the new navy may harm the bridge.

As such, this means that if there is an attack on the Crimean bridge, only the new state-level organization is fully conducting and means that the state declares war on the Russian Federation.

So far, the world’s only Nazi Germany dared to declare war on the Soviet Union, the most powerful in the world, as the U.S. is not currently in war with Russia.

Ukraine does not have to “think 2 times”, as it has clearly been fifty, by touching the Crimea bridge as Russia responds right and is always sure 1000%.

So, did Ukraine need to “fire the gun first?”

Create the “Vortex War” Sea of Azov

If at the Crimea Bridge, Ukraine has not “fired in front”, in the Sea of Azov, Ukraine has “fired the gun before.”

The first was to arrest Russian-fishing NORD, for a long time, to sanction the seven-year captain in prison that led Russia to call the Ukrainian border at the sea of Azov.

Russia was handed out retaliatory, at least two Ucraina ships were arrested for “illegal fishing activities” and were brought to Russian ports.

As of mid-July 2018, the total number of Ukrainian vessels was affected near 150, which demonstrates the possibility of Ukraine in this kind of harassment that is clearly inferior to Russia.

In the meantime, Ukraine has been aware of his mistakes from the NORD gunboat, which is the reaction, and usually Ukraine only when “the ratio has fallen to a” fortune “, they escalate a new plan…

In exercises with NATO entitled “Sea Breeze-2018” president of Ukraine declared, “Russia is building a military group and even ready to take extreme measures to attack Mariupol” (in the state’s declaration , such claims are called a strong provocation).

Next, Poroshenko ordered the APU army to “be ready to suppress Russian actions on the sea of Azov”. And, on 11 July, Verkhovna’s deputies even demanded that the heads of state break the deal with Russia in cooperation and use the Sea of Azov…

Apparently in the sea of AZOV, we see Ukraine always “fired in front” by the claims and by the “Rusty Iron Trench” (Ukrainian Navy) that led Russia to respond to his advantage of the gentle blow, “right laws” but always make the Ukrainian hard…

Following the eloquent statement of Poroshenko, the ships of Ukraine from Mariupol via the Strait of Kerch are Russia increasing the time “care” from 1 to 3.5 days causing the goods and the export industry of metal, food… at the bastard Mariupol.

The Russians controlled the sea of Azov without blockade the Strait of Kerch. And the Ukrainians have not yet understood this: If the Russians intercepted the Kerch strait that way, Mariupol – an industrial center for export of nonferrous metal, the food will “join the DNR without a shot”.

Indeed, we are very sympathetic to the Ukrainian president’s government in order to reclaim their sovereignty, but the way despite the consequences, loss of alertness to make the situation worse… is an unredeemer strategic mistake.

Who will protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine?

The history demonstrates that, independent protection, territorial sovereignty, national unity can only be of our own blood. No one, no allies can help except when things are lost, i.e. “avoiding the melon bark,”.

Following the Trump – Putin meeting, on 20 July, the U.S. Department of Defense announced that it would provide 200 million for Ukraine in security cooperation funds for additional training, equipment and counseling efforts to build defensive capacities of Armed forces.

As such, the Ukrainian Book for independent protection, sovereignty, national unity before the incursions of the Russians are: U.S. weapons + Ukrainian Blood + article 5 NATO to fight Russia with a military solution… It’s the American way to hit the Russians. Last…

The strong political assistance and security support of America are pulling Kiev looking for a military solution for the crisis in Donbass. Where can it lead?

On July 19, President Putin declared: any country pushing Ukraine or Georgia into the NATO “should think of the possible consequences of this irresponsible policy” because Russia will “react in advance of any step that threatens direct water Russia “.

Russia can give the Republic the self-proclaimed independence in eastern Ukraine with the most advanced weapons systems.

If the Minsk-2 agreement was abolished, Moscow could recognize separatist regions as independent States.

And, a familiar “legal procedure” appears to be when the independent state of Donbaarse has invitations, Russian forces will appear publicly. Ukraine will not differ from the Syrian battlefield and the history of repetition… Russia set up the ban on Bay, Russian Vks Tung Heng, USA-NATO sitting… when the entire region east of the Dnieper River was no longer Ukraine.

This is the scenario that the U.S. and Ukraine can inactivate to do “Russian bleeding” when the Syrian situation, the victory is firmly in Russian hands.

The Ukrainian government was erected after the Maidan had to lose Crimea, to lose control of Donbass area and otherwise be careful to lose Mariupol to turn Ukraine into a continental country… due to close ties with U.S.-NATO…

What happens if the President Yanukovych is not overthrown? That is, at least the territory, the national unity is not as bad now.

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