Switzerland announced the shock about the substance poisoned former Russian spy Skripal

United Kingdom suddenly had no information about the recover of the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal after his daughter up the required respect for privacy.

RT led Russian Foreign Minister’s statement when citing reports from a Swiss research said the substance used to poison Mr Sergei Skripal had never been produced in Russia.

Accordingly, the report from the Swiss laboratory indicate that the toxin in poison home Skripal is an odorless toxins that cause loss of capacity, the name 3-Quinuclidinyl banzilate or BZ.

Russia has never produced on the substance but of America, the United Kingdom and the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ever used it, according to the RT.

Switzerland confirmed novichok not used in former Russian spy poisoning case.
Switzerland confirmed novichok not used in former Russian spy poisoning case.

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry insisted Moscow will questioned held Prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) decided not to take the Swiss information provided in the report.

“We have stated the question with OPCW-why the information reflects the findings of the experts from the cities of Spiez Laboratory have generally ignored in the document’s conclusions”-Mr. Lavrov said.

“Of course, if the OPCW denies itself actually using the laboratory in Spiez, then it would be interesting to hear what this explanation”-the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

According to Lavrov, the Swiss Center perform reviews of the model is the laboratory Spiez, a 5-in the Center is the Permanent authorization OPCW.

Foreign Minister Lavrov said that London still refused to answer dozens of questions “very clearly” by Russia about poisoned Skripal, also as given the significant evidence about the incident. Instead, the United Kingdom still find ways of forcing Russia to admit that they have put the chemical poison into the United Kingdom to crime.

In addition to the obvious, he accused Leonid Rink-one of the developers of chemical toxins “Novichok” confirmed that the poison that the OPCW has taken the form not the novichok.

“Report of the OPCW for poisons in high purity. That proves it’s not novichok.

If is the colloidal that the British found on door Skripal is “pure” Novichok, the father Skripai will not be able to leave this door 50 metres, which are killed immediately “-says Leonid asserted.

Researchers also said, “Novichok” is the neurotoxin complex consists of a mixture of a large number of ingredients and additives, decomposed differently.

“If found a substance is something pure, then it is not” Novichok “-expert Leonid Rink said.

According to him, reported the results of the OPCW also contradicts the statements of the developer “Novichok” is Vila Mirzayanova, who lives in the United States, that the high humidity in the United Kingdom can reduce the mortality levels of the poison.

Despite the controversy about the origin of agent, the United Kingdom did not put out the statement nothing. ‘

Instead of reporting the information about the health of Mr. Sergei Skripai was the Russian request, the UK media attention about poisoned former spy successfully when the news of the incident no longer headline on the newspaper as before 1 week.

Instead, the United Kingdom has diverted attention to Western attacks on Syria, warning it is first thoroughly oppose the Assad regime of chemical attack on civilians.

Although the two cases are distinct from each other but the attention of the media in the country about Yulia or her father has been redirected to the attack in Syria. Thanks to this that the bulk of the UK newspapers are “lost signal” with Yulia or Sergei Skripai.

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