The battle opened the way for Islam to dominating the Middle East

In the early 7th century, the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman) and Sasanid (Iran) mesmerized contested with each other in the Middle East that did not prevent the threat from the Islamic Army growing right next to.

The capture of the Eastern Roman Empire from Damascus to help Muslim Army became the most powerful in the Middle East.

The Islamic Army destroy the force of Byzantine reinforcements. Photo: War History.
The Islamic Army destroy the force of Byzantine reinforcements. Photo: War History.

That time, of the Muslim prophet Mohammad established the Arab world. When he died, Islam began to split, but also inspire the process of expansion. Abu Bakr was chosen as the successor to the Prophet Mohammad, his ambitious expansion of breeding with the main target is the Sassanid and Byzantine Empires.

Abu Bakr swiftly win on the road to expansion. After occupying the province of Iraq, the Arab armies started advancing into the Byzantine Empire. The aid from General Khalid ibn Walid, Abu Bakr’s troops captured more territory and begin the siege of Damascus.

1.5 km long, wide Damascus 0.8 km, is located in a strategic position in the Middle East, attracting merchants from all over the world and is considered the paradise of Syria. The Byzantine army was reinforced by the high walls to 11 m.

Do not have the weapons, General Khalid ibn Walid to siege of Damascus from every direction, cut off supplies and contact with the outside, leaving residents in the fall to extreme hunger. The end of August in 634, Damascus completely separated from the rest of the Byzantine Empire.

The entire 6 city gates were strictly guarded the Muslims, not to any one out into the city. Each gate has a commanding and 4,000-5,000 troops besieged. Besides, 2,000 Cavalry, constantly patrolling at night in the empty area between the gates, at the same time play the role if army reinforcements Byzatine attack.

In early September, Emperor Heraculius sent an army of about 12,000 troops to the siege of Damascus. Reports from Scouts, Khalid ibn Walid to deploy 10,000 troops, divided into two attack destroyed the Byzantine relief force. The winner staggering along the use of cavalry, marched the Muslims help speed spirit returned to Damascus before the defense can force held siege.

A week later, Thomas, son of Emperor Heraculius and Commander of the Defense Army in Damascus, new military aid had been routed. He decided to break the siege by two waves of attacks but failed, he himself also was hit by an arrow in the eye.

Get your quote from in the that a festival will take place on the night of December 18-19, General Khalid ibn Walid to notice here is the time ripe for attack. No time to plan coordinated, he personally led an army to attack the Eastern gates of Damascus.

After choosing the location does not have guards, Khalid ibn Walid and two retainers climbs the rope and drop down to 100 elite soldiers clamber on. This forces down guards, before opening the port for the external forces on the.

In the rescue effort, Thomas sent messengers to Abu Ubaidah’s Deputy, Khalid, to please every condition of the Muslims not murdering residents, not destroying the temple and allowing people to leave the safe. The agreement between the two sides stipulated Damascus residents have three days to decide whether to go or stay, before attacking the Muslims. Right after three days, Khalid ibn Walid ordered to destroy all the people to run.

The Damascus became the center of Islamic culture, prior to becoming the capital of the Kingdom of the Umayyad period 660-1031 years in existence.

The fall of Damascus was the turning point in the history of Islam, helping this religion to consolidate and spread throughout the Middle East and Africa, guaranteeing power sacrosanct for the Kings of the United Kingdom, as well as future Muslim conquest of Persian Empire completely.

In 750, the Islamic Empire spread throughout the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Asia Only in less than 100 years after the battle of Damascus, the rapid expansion of the Islamic Empire was transformed into a major force for the Middle East, helping to change the face of the future of the world.

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