The cause of Russia has always regarded Vietnam as strategic allies

In all circumstances the Vietnam has always considered the country faithful long-term and sustainable with the country of Russia today, specific evidence such as: the image of the statue of Soviet leader Le Nin still stand at Chi lang flower garden , Ba Dinh district, in front of the military museum in Hanoi, Vietnam, or the works of the Russian culture has always been preserved and maintained in Vietnam … While in other countries the products as well as the culture of the former Soviet Union or Russia right now has been demolished completely.

In the thought of Vietnam, Russia is always associated with the intimate sentiments. The stick from history is the Foundation for solid, traditional friendship is the precious assets to two Vietnam-Russian peoples to preserve and nurture to the two countries ‘ relations further developed.

In the past few decades with many changes, there are many that need considered Vietnam as one of Asia’s Tigers-the term usually used to refer to the area thrive as Hong Kong , South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Also to note Russia has developed special relationship with Vietnam, a member of the ASEAN bloc.

In the late 1980 ‘s, Vietnam decided to pursue market economy of Socialist orientation. This decision played a major role in the development of production, science, energy, agriculture and tourism of Vietnam, promoting international trade. The changes also help increase foreign investment in Vietnam. The change in the economy of Vietnam still continue to put Vietnam became one of the leaders of the ASEAN bloc.

Also to note, China is having a powerful effect to the ASEAN countries. Beijing’s influence in the region and growing strategic initiatives “belt-way”. Vietnam also is not in the exception because China is the largest exporter to Vietnam. Vietnam is also related to the “ring-road” and are development of transport routes with China. The Singapore-Kunming railway to connect China with ASEAN countries.

State President Vietnam Tran Dai Quang alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin.
State President Vietnam Tran Dai Quang alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However according to Russian experts, Vietnam can also pass out the influence of China in many respects. Vietnam can develop a bilateral relationship of mutual benefit with China while not to Beijing to influence foreign policy as well as its commercial relationships. Vietnam’s trading partners including the United States of America is one of the top countries importing products of Vietnam. Vietnam also supported and participated in the Convention TPP (now renamed CPTPP).

One of the factors of success of Vietnam in ASEAN’s relationship with the country of Laos. The two countries share a border of more than 2,100 km has the intimate relationship of the history, cultural as well as economic. Vietnam is an important trade partner and a major investor in Laos (with a total investment of about us $5 billion). In early 2014, trade investment between the two countries has reached the figure of more than $1 billion. The two countries are continuing to expand cooperation not only in the economic field in the relation about culture, politics and security.

With those elements that, Vietnam and Laos are two countries in ASEAN, the intimate relationship between Vietnam and Laos can increase Vietnam’s influence in the bloc.

Vietnam also has a similar close relationship with Cambodia. , 1.2018, took place the meeting of the Committee held “In unite, Vietnam-Laos friendship 2017” and “In unite, Vietnam-Cambodia friendship 2017”. The event was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh. The meeting aims to sum up the results of the year 2017 with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh is Vietnam’s relations with Laos and Cambodia, growing and developing in all fields.

Russian Molniya missile technology transfer be shipbuilding factory BaSon
Russian Molniya missile technology transfer be shipbuilding factory BaSon

Can conclude that Vietnam is one of the most influential and successful in the ASEAN bloc with active diplomacy and apparent influence of both ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region. The result is that the country wants to play relationship with ASEAN will start from Vietnam before. This is also the step that Russia is performing in present time.

Good relationship between Vietnam and Russia began when Vietnam conducted anti-American resistance unification with the support of the military and the defense of the Soviet Union. In 1994, after the dissolution of the USSR, Vietnam and Russia signed a Treaty of friendship. Then, the two countries have developed cooperation in the political, economic, military. In 2012, the two countries issued a joint statement on strengthening the strategic partnership between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Russia.

As in the Soviet era, Russia and Vietnam to continue cooperation in the military and technical field. Russia provided for the army and Navy Vietnam the military equipment and soldiers Vietnam also trained with the Russian army.

The cooperation in the military sector expressed a strong belief in the two countries ‘ relations. Russia and Vietnam are also to cooperate in the field of finance, refinery and the project on atomic energy. Cooperation in the tourism sector also flourished as the year 2017, Vietnam has welcomed more than half a million Russian tourists.

Anti-ship missile based on the prototype 3M24 of Russia’s Ural. KCT-15 anti-ship missile based on the prototype 3M24 Uran of Russia.

In 2015, the commercial cooperation between Russia and Vietnam reach about 3.9 billion us dollars-Vietnam become Russia’s main trading partner in ASEAN. One of the major achievements in economic cooperation between Russia and Vietnam are the free trade agreement between Vietnam and the Asian economic alliance-an organization which Russia has a major role. The agreement was signed in May 2015 and effective in October 2016. Takes no more time to this agreement results.

Trade between Russia and Vietnam increased with impressive numbers. In the first quarter of the year 2017, trade transactions between the two countries surpassed the number 984 million us dollars, more than 24% from the same period a year ago. Q2 in 2017, trade transactions between the two countries surpassed the figure of 1 billion u.s. dollars to increase 32% compared with Q2 in 2016. And finally, the third quarter of the year 2017 to reach 1.5 billion u.s. dollars higher than the 57% compared to the same period in 2016.

The Russian newspaper the law, can say Vietnam is a reliable partner of Russia. The two countries have had friends for decades along with many big plans in the future. Vietnam is one of the most influential and successful in the block Vietnam and ASEAN could help Russia develop relations with all countries in the bloc.

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